How to check smartphone battery health without any apps

If you feel your smartphone is running out of battery life, following these tips to check the battery life and battery status of your Android or iOS devices.
You need to do one of two ways to test the battery without an app.

Option 1: Only 60 minutes is complete

check smartphone battery health without any apps 1.png

- Fully charged battery 100%
- Adjust the screen brightness to the highest (Settings / screen / brightness = 100%)
- Turn off Wifi, 3G
- Let the monitor light up continuously for 60 minutes (Settings / screen / screen brightness = Never)

Results: After 60 minutes, the remaining battery is> 85% larger, so your battery is very good.

Method 2: It takes 8 hours to get results

check smartphone battery health without any apps 2.png

- Fully charged 100%
- Disconnect, turn off 3G, Wifi
- Leave the phone within 8 hours (best to test while going to bed, fully charge the battery at 22g, remove the charger to leave the phone until 6g)

Results: After 8 hours the remaining battery is over 90%, then your battery is very good
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What if I got lower percentage compared to what you have given? Does it mean I need to replace my battery right away? Thank you for sharing this method.
In order to save battery in your android phone, you must put a limit of your regular usage. Block other apps which automatically consume data without you knowing it. Stop using customizable launchers with multi-effects. It runs on the phone the whole time and takes up 50% of your phone's RAM which also drains your battery quickly.


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Thanks for the tip, even though I'm already aware of the procedure, I still appreciate you taking time to bring it to the notice of others who probably don't know it. It's certainly going to of great help to some who aren't aware.

Thanks for sharing.
I have tried the tip provided here just the other day and the result remarkable. I tried the second tip and even extended for few more hours. When it's time for me to open and use my smartphone I still have 91% of battery. Now I don't have to buy a new one since my battery is fine. Because of the result, I was figuring out what causes its fast discharge when I use my phone. I uninstalled the application that I rarely use like "imo", Skype, FB, Master Cleaner, games; I reduced backlight, switch off weather updates, vibration and other running apps. I am still checking on other apps that I don't use. Thanks for the tip.
Hello, this does not necessarily test if your battery is good or not. It tests the standby of the phone i.e the state of when the phone is not performing any tasks and thus not much battery is drained during the period. To test your battery's degradation over time I would suggest using AccuBattery , a free app that gives you an estimate of how many mAh (the unit of measurement used to state the amount of "power" in a battery/capacity of a battery) your battery contains as compared to it's real amount. Furthermore, phone battery life is not only dependent on the battery,but the OS the phone runs on aswell, manufacturers tend to put different skins on their phone's OS e.g Samsung's TouchWiz, this is why for example the Note 8 would look different to a Pixel. I hope you learned something new today.

AccuBattery :


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I don't get this tutorial, I can already see my battery health just fine. It shows the percentage of how much charge is left in it, goes orange when it's at 20% or lower, and red with an exclamation mark when at 10% or lower.
Isn't this the default for everyone?


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Another question: Why do I have to specifically increase my brightness to the highest setting? I don't see why I need to do that in order to check my battery health. Or is it supposed to be a tip increase battery health? Because that makes even less sense to me.
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