How to check iPhone battery wear level

iPhone has a long battery life, so how do you check if your iPhone battery has been worn and need a replacement? Please follow these methods to check for your smartphone.

Check iPhone battery without an app

Please check the following to check if your battery is still in good condition or not in this post.

Check battery through computer

You can manually check the battery status of your iPhone by connecting it to your computer and using the 3uTools tool.


Check the battery directly on the iPhone

In addition to the above you can also directly check the status of iPhone battery using Battery Life.

First go to Appstore and download the Battery Life app.

After successful installation you open the application, immediately software will evaluate the battery status as well as the level of your battery.

check iPhone battery wear level 2.png

Your battery has 1% battery wear level

Also, you can click on the icon on the top left corner to be able to check for more information such as battery life

Please note that these methods are only approximate for reference.
Above all, to protect the battery you use for a long time, you need to charge the battery properly.

Hope that helped.

Hey, again, I just bought my iPhone 7 Plus and a still so excited about that fact. I have, like, a million questions, so do I need to format my battery? The last phone I bought did not need battery formatting, but I still need to be sure here.
I have battery problem too. I just observed it these few days now. My battery is draining even if I get rid of some application that I don't really need. At night when I don't use it, I turned it off and yet when I open it in the morning I have to charge it again. I think I needed to change battery instead.
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