Take a quick photo on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

The gesture, countdown timer, or volume key capture, makes it easier to navigate on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy J7 pro is a smartphone recently introduced by Samsung and quickly created a decent feeling for users, especially the power to take photos. With 13 megapixel main and auxiliary cameras, a large aperture (f / 1.7 and f / 1.9 before) and support a variety of shooting modes like motorcar, HDR, Night, Panorama and many more .The machine is considered as one of the best smartphones in the midrange segment.

Galaxy J7 Pro's basic photography interface is quite intuitive, simple and easy to use. However, users also need to customize a little to make photography easier:

Take pictures with gestures

Take a quick photo on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.png

The capture key available on the camera interface is most commonly used, but cannot support in remote capture. Bluetooth handsfree is an alternative, but can’t be always. However, you are not too worried because on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro supports gesture capture. By going to Settings> Ways to take pictures> Gesture control to On, the next time users just turn on the camera and waving to be able to capture.

Counting time

Take a quick photo on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 2.png

The camera's self-timer also can be a perfect weapon, in the case of no-one or wanting to shoot on your own. In addition to the regular timer, Galaxy J7 Pro also included Take 3 shots to choose the best image. Note, this feature only works when Auto, Pro and Selfie are active.

Customize volume up / down keys

Take a quick photo on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 3.png

The camera only uses the volume up and down keys to take pictures, which is especially to shoot selfie with one hand.
However, the Galaxy J7 Pro camera has more than that. You can optionally tap for video, zoom in/out or simply increase/decrease the volume of your phone in case you don’t use it to take pictures.
I'm a new user of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. I have only acquired it a month ago. These tips are definitely helpful since I was an LG user before. Some features of Samsung are not available in LG and vice versa. Thank you for these amazing tips!


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Wait, so you can give a phone the command to take a photo just with a hand gesture? I'm absolutely blown away by the technology these days. Every single day something new and futuristic is being made, it's so crazy. Is there any other phone that has this option? I guess it will be a normal thing on every phone in a few years :)
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