How to register WiFi on your phone quickly


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Jan 22, 2013
WiFi allows users to access the Internet and offers many utilities not to be missed. However, registering for WiFi can be difficult for many phone users. So how to register WiFi on the phone? The following post will show you how to do it very simple and easy to do.

1. What is WiFi registration for phones?
Registering WiFi is logging in, connecting to an available WiFi network. For one case, registering for WiFi means broadcasting WiFi on a phone.

Because it is not possible to register a WiFi package from the carrier directly on the phone because the WiFi will be transmitted through the modem unit transmitted by the network wire into a WiFi wave, it is not possible to register for WiFi directly on the phone. If you want to go online directly but there is no WiFi signal, you should register for a data package, data.

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2. How to connect to WiFi on your phone
- On Android
Quick guide on how to install on Android phones:

Method 1: Go to Settings > select WiFi > Click on WiFi name > Enter WiFi password > Click Connect.

Method 2: Scroll down the notification bar > Select the WiFi icon > Click on the WiFi name > Enter the WiFi password > Click Connect.

- On iPhone, iPad
Quick guide on how to connect on iPhone, iPad:

Go to Settings > Select WiFi > Find and select WiFi name > Enter WiFi password > Click Connect.

3. How to connect to hidden WiFi on your phone
Hidden WiFi is WiFi signals that do not appear on the WiFi list, need to enter a name and password to connect directly. To be able to connect to hidden WiFi, you need to know the WiFi name and password.

- On Android
Go to Settings > Select Connections > Click WiFi > Click Add Network or the plus sign depending on your device > Enter the WiFi name where the SSID, the security type (usually WPA2/WPA3), the WiFi password > Connect.

- On iOS, iPadOS
Go to Settings > Select WiFi > Select More > Enter the name, security type (usually WPA2/WPA3), the password of the hidden network > Connect.

4. How to play WiFi on your phone
Here's how to broadcast WiFi, share WiFi on your phone when registered for 3G, 4G is extremely simple and easy to do:

- On Android
Quick start Guide:

Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > Enable WiFi Hotspot.

- On iOS, iPadOS
Quick how-to guide:

Go to Settings > Select Cellular > Click on Personal Hotspot (Remember to enable Mobile Data, if not, you must enable it to do this) > Enable > Set Password.

Good luck!
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