Fix the error of not using Wifi on Windows 10


Feb 19, 2013
On Windows 10, there is often a problem of not using Wifi. Later I will guide you four ways to fix this error.

1. Benefits of correcting the error of not using Wifi

You can reaccess the wifi network to study and work and have moments of entertainment on your laptop.

2. Details of how to do it
Quick ways to do it

Method 1: Check if you have turned on / off Wifi on the computer. The keys to turning on / off Wifi of some laptops can be referenced:

For Asus Laptop Series: FN + F2
For Dell Laptop Series: FN + F2 or PrtScr
For Acer Laptop Series: FN + F2
For HP Laptop Series: FN + F12
For Lenovo Laptop Series: FN + F7
For Toshiba Laptop Series: FN + F12

Method 2: Check if the input language is changed

Note: When selecting the input language, Some language will cause strange characters that do not enter the correct Wifi password> Should choose as ENG.

Method 3: Restart your home wifi router

If the above methods are still not possible, you can try another operation to restart your home wifi router; sometimes the router may hang or exceed the device limit.

Method 4: Turn off airplane mode

After turning off airplane mode, you can reconnect Wifi.

Above are some ways to fix errors that cannot be used for Wifi.

Good luck!

Rodney Olson

Nov 27, 2013
This is really useful, I am using Windows 10 and sometimes I got this error. Now I can know how to fix it. Thanks for sharing!
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