9 ways to fix the error Messenger can not send messages effectively


Feb 19, 2013
Messenger is an application that is so familiar to Facebook users. Messaging on the phone through Messenger is also much more convenient for users. However, during the time of use, I am sure you have encountered many cases of Messenger errors. If you have a case where Messenger cannot send messages, follow the article to the end to find out how to fix it!

When encountering a case where Messenger cannot send messages, the first thing you need to do is use other chat applications such as Instagram, Zalo, Line, ... to ask if their Messenger is faulty or not. If the people around are also experiencing it, the application has a system error. What to do now is to wait until the system stabilizes. And if you're the only one experiencing the above problem, read on to fix it below!

1. Check Internet Connection
The first and most common cause is that your Internet connection is unstable, WiFi is weak, or it could also be that your phone runs out of 3G/4G space. Then your phone will not be able to download the Messenger application, or the messages sent through Messenger will not go, even when opening other applications such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, ... also cannot download.

How to fix

To fix the error caused by an unstable Internet connection, you need to check the WiFi to see if it is overloaded with users, dropped the plug, or has a system-wide network error.

And if you are in an urgent need to text Messenger urgently, use 3G/4G instead or text with SIM.


2. Checking if messages violate Facebook standards
When you send too many messages with the same content, fast and continuously, Facebook will think you are spamming other users' accounts. Or you may have violated Facebook's community standards, resulting in Messenger not sending messages, sending messages with errors.

How to fix

To fix the Facebook standard violation error, you need to wait until the account has timed out and is blocked from messaging. Then you need to adjust the behavior and content of the message to avoid the case that Messenger cannot send messages due to spam errors.

3. Check if you are being blocked by others
If you go to the chat box and do not see the message input box, the main reason is that you have been blocked by the other person. You should note that if the person only blocked you on Messenger, you can still interact with them on Facebook as usual. If you're blocked on both platforms, you won't be able to find that person's account anymore.

How to fix
When blocked, unfortunately you cannot send messages. You can contact that person in another way to ask them to unblock and text!

4. Check if the account you messaged is locked or deleted
Another reason for not being able to send Messenger messages is because the account you are sending messages to has been locked or deleted. This could be because they locked their account themselves, or because they violated Facebook's policies.

The name of the deleted account will be changed to Facebook User, this message is similar to if you were blocked by that person.

How to fix

Please check if the account you are messaging is locked or not, if it is indeed locked, you will wait until the account is re-opened.

The way to check is that you use another Facebook account to search if you can still find the market because the account is blocked, otherwise you can't find it because the account is locked, worse, it's said to be deleted.


5. Check if your chat group still has members
When the chat group has no active members and the members in the chat group have left the group, you will not be able to message the chat group.

How to fix

You will not be able to message a chat group without any members in it. So, create a new group to chat or private message if necessary.

6. Update apps, browsers
For applications or browsers used for messaging that are too old, have not been updated for a long time, it is very easy to have an error that cannot send messages. The most obvious sign is that when you change the device to send the message, the message is still delivered normally.

How to fix

- Update Messenger app: Go to CH Play > Find Messenger app > Select Update.

- Update the browser used to log in and send Messenger messages: Open Chrome browser > Go HERE to select the appropriate update > Update to the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browsers. Safari, Microsoft Edge by clicking on the link.


7. Free up phone memory
When the remaining phone memory capacity is too low, not enough for Messenger to save data and perform the feature, the possibility of your message not being sent successfully is very high. And when the phone memory is too low you will be warned to clear the cache.

How to fix
Freeing up phone memory, will help phone devices with low memory capacity run more smoothly, and at the same time, fix the error of not sending Messenger messages.


8. Clear App Data (Android)
When the phone's free space and memory is too low, the phone will warn the device to delete some applications or delete unnecessary application data to fix the error that cannot send messages via Messenger. Or some unknown error in the application also causes Messenger to fail when sending messages.

How to fix

Deleting application data on Android phones will help your device run smoothly, the phone will have more room for Messenger to do its job.


9. Uninstall and reinstall the app
After trying the above 8 ways, if it still doesn't work, then uninstall the Messenger application and reinstall the application to be able to use the latest version of the app and install the original application. This is a relatively quick fix and highly effective.

(*) This will not lose your message data.
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