How to turn on location, find lost Windows 10 laptop with Find My Device


Feb 19, 2013
Laptops are valuable items so they can completely "fly without wings" if you neglect for a few minutes. If you are concerned that your beloved laptop could be stolen easily, then follow this article to know how to enable the locator of your laptop in case it is lost with the Find My feature. Device on Windows 10!

- The Find My Device function on Windows 10 operating system must be enabled before the computer is lost, so please turn it on just in case.

- Note when using Find My Device function:

+ Laptop must open location.
+ Laptop must have an Internet connection, if there is no connection, only the last location will be received.
+ The laptop has successfully logged into Microsoft account.
+ If the device is stolen and reinstalled the operating system, you will not be able to find the device anymore.

1. How to turn on and off the current location of the laptop
Step 1: Open Settings on Windows > Select Privacy.


Step 2: Select the Location tab > Click Change > Switch the status to ON as shown.


Step 3: You return to the main interface > Select Update & Security.


Step 4: Select the Find My Device tab > Click Change > Switch the status to ON as shown.


2. How to find your laptop with Find my Device

Step 1: Go to Microsoft account > Sign in with the Microsoft account that you signed in to the lost computer.

Step 2: Select the Find Device tab.

Step 3: Select the device you want to find > Select Find to see a map showing your device's location.

3. How to remotely lock a laptop to protect data
To lock your laptop remotely, after you have done the first two steps in the Find my Device section with Find my Device, in step 3, instead of selecting Find, you choose Lock to lock the laptop and protect data remotely.

4. Some related questions

- Show Last Found in X place, % battery, no map?
Answer: Because the bad guy has turned off the device location feature (Location), you can only see the last location of the device before this feature was turned off.

- Why is it that when I click Find, I see a different address each time?
Answer: Because the bad guy is holding the phone and moving constantly, the location will always change in real time. This helps you update the actual location of the machine from time to time.

- The machine is stolen, reinstalling Win, can you find it again by location?
Answer: In case the machine is powered off or has no network connection, Windows is reinstalled, the current location of the machine cannot be determined. You can only see the last location of the device before the location feature is turned off.

Above is an article on how to enable and use the Find My Device feature on Windows 10 computers. Hope this article can help you easily find your computer if it is lost. Thank you for reading this, see you in the next article!
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