1. Jedi Knight Muse

    What are the simplest steps to connect a wireless/bluetooth keyboard to a laptop?

    I'm on the hunt for a user-friendly step-by-step guide to effortlessly pair a wireless or Bluetooth keyboard with my laptop. Your insights, detailed methods, or any handy tips on this connection process would be incredibly valuable and highly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. BillEssley

    How to check Dell laptop warranty with Service Tag quickly

    At some point your laptop will have problems and you want to check if the machine is still within the warranty period or not. Follow the article below so you can check the warranty on your Dell laptop quickly without having to bring it to a shop or repair center. Service Tag is defined as a...
  3. BillEssley

    How to turn on location, find lost Windows 10 laptop with Find My Device

    Laptops are valuable items so they can completely "fly without wings" if you neglect for a few minutes. If you are concerned that your beloved laptop could be stolen easily, then follow this article to know how to enable the locator of your laptop in case it is lost with the Find My feature...
  4. BillEssley

    Fix Laptop error without receiving headphones

    Computers that do not accept headphones make you feel uncomfortable and often occur in both Windows 10 versions, due to various reasons for both hardware and software. 1. Benefits of fixing computer errors without receiving headphones This helps you have a moment of experience with your...
  5. gearvita

    Xiaomi 26L Multifunctional Backpack - Can Fit A Drone Or 15.6 inch Laptop

    Xiaomi 26L backpack features a luggage strap on the back, lightweight and large enough for packing your stuffs when travelling. Different from other backpack, it can also hold a drone or a laptop. You can carry your 15.6 inch laptop, drone and drone propellers, drone batteries, etc. Product...
  6. Dracindo

    How to make my laptop run faster?

    As the title, what can I do to make my laptop run faster? What already helped for me was turning off several start up programs, and deleting things that take up a lot of memory space. I deleted about 33% of my memory space. But a certain game I can still play on my old laptop at the fastest...
  7. Xane911

    Best Gaming Laptop with a low price.

    I'm planning to buy a gaming laptop for a low cost, but I have no idea what to choose from.
  8. Yanke73

    IPad vs. Laptop, What do you prefer?

    Throughout my years of study in college, I’ve used both laptops and iPads for on the go work. I have found a few advantages and setbacks when using both l, which I will list below, but I can’t decide which one I prefer the most. I do a lot of writing so a laptop is beneficial for that purpose...
  9. Kwesi

    So guys I want to buy a gaming laptop

    I am looking for the best gaming laptop to buy for gaming and to perform some heavy programming stuffs on without burning my CPU. I would love to buy the one that can last longer even without the charger. Can any one help?
  10. kurtricatura

    Music Production Laptop

    I'm in to music production. I like making songs and recording audio through my condenser microphone. I mainly use FL Studio as my digital audio workstation since I don't own a Macbook. Recently my laptop hasn't been able to function very well specially when it comes to rendering and loading...
  11. kathness

    Is Toshiba really a bad brand for laptop?

    So my laptop's brand is Toshiba. I have the same unit with two of my classmates. I think at that time, that was one of their more popular units. After less than a year, both of their laptops broke down. And mine had a battery issue as well. So that's my question, is Toshiba really not a good...
  12. antho

    Permanent Hotspot for laptop

    I downloaded connectify but it's so limited, it is only on for 30 mins and you have to keep restarting every 30 mins, that's too annoying Can anybody suggest any other hotspot for laptops or maybe how to crack the paid ones
  13. Joey Mercado

    VPN for LAPTOP!?

    We already discussed the VPN for smartphones, However,what about the most preferred VPN for laptops that was easy, safe and free to download for laptops with Windows10?.. Any suggestions?
  14. charlou

    Laptop with Built-In Batteries?

    Hello everyone! I personally own an ASUS laptop with built-in battery. After 1 year of using it, I have to say I had a good experience. The only thing that is a challenge to me is taking care of the battery life. I am still quite confused on how to take care of it. Can I use my laptop while it...
  15. DenisMNE

    Laptop keyboard does not work on Windows

    Sometimes working on the laptop as typing text, looking for information ... suddenly your computer crashed when the keyboard completely no longer work to interrupt your operation and work. Here are some common ways to fix this problem. Method 1: First you try to Restart the machine to see if...
  16. marciayudkin

    How to turn your iPhone into a camera for your laptop

    Just use a free application on iOS that users can turn the iPhone into a camera for the laptop easily. The application is called iVcam, has a friendly interface, anyone can use it. However, users need to install iVCam on both the computer and iPhone and these two devices are connected to the...