View Saved Passwords on iPhone & iPad in Safari

Apple's browser supports saving, reviewing, and automatically filling in logins to help save time, but there are also security issues.

View Saved Passwords on iPhone & iPad in Safari 1.png

When logged in, Safari will ask if you have information for subsequent hits.

The AutoFill feature of Safari allows you to save your account name, password when logging in to websites, and then automatically fill in later visits. The advantage of this technology is that it saves users significant time, but also makes it easy for users to forget the information without having to type frequently.

Apple has designed a feature that allows you to review saved passwords in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Users can manage login information, edit or delete saved accounts in the settings menu.

To do this go to Settings and select Safari. Go to the General area, click Passwords & AutoFill and select Saved Passwords.

View Saved Passwords on iPhone & iPad in Safari 2.png

If you set a lock password, a message prompting you to enter information, Touch ID security fingerprint is not effective at this time. If you enter the correct password, the list includes all the account information you have saved on the website.

Click on each item to see the login name and password. You can delete the saved information by clicking the Edit button, go through selecting the site list and then click “Delete”.

View Saved Passwords on iPhone & iPad in Safari 3.png

For people using iCloud Keychain on Macs and iOS devices, all logins and credit card information will be stored in sync. So if you've ever saved your iPhone's Safari password, you may not need to re-enter your password when signing in with your Mac.

The AutoFill feature in Safari makes a lot of sense for you, but it also has the potential to expose your login information. Those with the iPhone lock screen password, your iPad can completely view the saved accounts. So you have to pay attention when using AutoFill or others.
I never saved passwords on browsers as Safari or Chrome on both PC and smartphones because if someone can get my smartphone they can know my passwords saved on them or log into accounts automatically when browsers still are saving passwords there.
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