Best portable charger?

I want to buy a portable charger for multiple devices which can work for more different smartphones but I don't know which one is the best at this time. Please suggest me.


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I want to buy a portable charger for multiple devices which can work for more different smartphones but I don't know which one is the best at this time. Please suggest me.
Hi @Rodney Olson , one important specification in choosing a portable charger is compatibility. Buying an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer )is the best decision. Although i have no problem with non OEM products, basically they are copy of the same product in terms of components. OEM is the best choice, just because they are verified and tested by the same manufacturer.

In choosing power banks, one key specification is capacity. You should choose a power bank with 2x or higher of your smartphone battery capacity. Example if your smartphone has 2000mAH of battery capacity, you should choose at least 4000mah of power bank capacity. This will guarantee you a full recharge from 0% :eek:...and another 2000mAH as back up power for other devices.

In terms of durability an IP65 certified product should give the charger or power bank a longer use in terms of product protection:unsure:.

There are lots of portable chargers in the market, comparing them will give you enough information in choosing one.

Here are some list you might want to consider:

I hope this helps:coffee:!
There are also power banks available in the market today that has larger power capacity as much as 50000mAh that can charge both laptop, table and mobile phones at the same time. So I suggest you should buy a multi purpose power bank that can charge any of your devices and it is important that it has a power indicator so that it's easy for you to monitor if your power bank is arealdy low in power.

I am personally using Poweradd Pilot Pro2 right now and it can charge both my laptop and smartphone, it's quite big but you can carry it. You can check this product in amazon, I will post the link:

"A multipurpose power bank", this is interesting. I will check on this if I can buy somewhere here in our place; but if the product is not yet available, I might try online.
There are lots of portable charger but the one which I like the most is the Anker PowerCore 20,100 power bank. It comes with a huge 20,100mAH battery inside, meaning this will be able to charge up your phone or tablet multiple times before it needs a charger. It also comes with high-speed charging for your devices if they use POwerIQ or voltageboost.


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That one looks very small and is similar to ones I used.I love them as small as they can get, just so they can be put in a pocket.
If a portable charger is good for one fully charge, I would be happy, but I guess most of them are.


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What you need, my friend is the portable power bank. They usually have a gigantic 10 - 50,000mAh batteries so your phone can basically last forever with them :D
Also the prices are ridiculously low for such a useful device. They range from $20 - $50 and they come in all sorts of shapes and colors, so you can match them with your phone and also use them as an accessory aesthetic improvement device :D

Anker PowerCore Speed 20000
Anker PowerCore II 10,000 Slim
RavPower PowerStation Series 20100mAh
DXPower Armor DX0001

All of these listed are top notch and some of the highest quality and lowest price, look them up and choose for yourself, you can't go wrong with these 4.


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I had one of these.They are very cheap, not even 20 dollars and you are able to charge your phone fully once per charge of the portable charger.

You can get them at any store that deals with mobile phones and are worth every penny.

I had a black one, though :)
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