Flydigi Q1 Converter Turns Keyboard And Mouse into Mobile Game Control Handle


Aug 3, 2018
Flydigi Q1 mobile game mouse keyboard converter is developed to make you play thousands of games even the game doesn't support controller before. Flydigi gamepad assistant has a Flymapping feature, which is developed based on button mapping technology, you can drag buttons to adjust custom configuration on any Android games. The App describes 120 points of high speed mapping per second, quick response to small changes of controller, enables you customize the button settings to make the experience more smooth and convenient.

Product Features:
● 120 Frames Per Second High-speed Mapping
Flymapping keypad cloud mapping can simulate 120 screen clicks per second, to achieve faster response and high smoothness of operation.

● Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Connection
Connects with the mobile phone through Bluetooth 4.0 BLE low power technology, stable and smooth without any sense of delay.

● Double USB Ports
Dual USB port connection, fully compatible with various types keyboards and mouses.

● Support Mouse 7 Buttons
Mapping support of the mouse's two side keys and rollers makes releasing skills faster and gives you a head start in a minute-by-minute battle.

● Preset Key Position And Able to Be Customized Adjust
Preset standard key position for the major shooting mobile game, so that you can quickly get started, but also free to adjust the key.

● Mouse Algorithm Optimization
Different from the floating mouse experience, does a careful optimization to mouse algorithm, copy the end of the mouse feel, head sniper, pressure gunfire easily enjoyable.

● Flymagic Interface
The second USB is a Flymagic interface, the Android device can automatically recognize and activate the mapping (the Apple device does not need to be activated), start better game experience.

● Directly Connected The Power Supply
Directly connected to the power supply, let you enjoy long hours play without worry about the power.

Sized in 64 × 60 × 15mm, the converter is portable and you can take it anywhere as you go. The included mobile phone holder is adjustable in multiple gears, so you can choose the comfortable viewing angle:

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