1. Joey Mercado

    All About GAMING!!

    Hello Everyone , Can i have your suggestions regarding the best brands or affordable yet good quality gaming brands for Computer Accessories such as Gaming Mouse and Gaming Keyboard and where I can buy those ? Whether it was Wireless or Cord one! Thank you! Hoping for your response..
  2. DenisMNE

    Laptop keyboard does not work on Windows

    Sometimes working on the laptop as typing text, looking for information ... suddenly your computer crashed when the keyboard completely no longer work to interrupt your operation and work. Here are some common ways to fix this problem. Method 1: First you try to Restart the machine to see if...
  3. rizzywrites

    Keyboard accessory?

    Hi, guys! Is there anyone of you who knows this kind of accessory? I think this is a case with an attached keypad/ keyboard Is it good? My father is not into touch screens, and I found this somewhere. I just wanna know if this is worth it. Thank you! (Photo not mine)