Xiaomi Youpin Flydigi Stinger Game Trigger - Long Press High-frequency Continuous Click, Left Mouse Button Touch Feel


Aug 3, 2018
This Xiaomi Youpin Flydigi Stinger game trigger has the ability to either send a single touch response or multitouch response to the game (turbo fire/rapid fire). In a game like using guns, its definitely useful when you are using a AK47 with rapid fire than using it on single touch to take your enemy down. You can switch the button response to single or multi at the back and the multitouch will respond up to 8x, meaning it can fire 8 times in a single touch. But in a game of basketball like the NBA 2k19, you wont want to do the rappid fire as you can only release the ball once you get off the ground.

Product Features:
● Adopts the unique capacitance spacer mapping technology, which can achieve instantaneous response without failure.
● One-key switch between normal mode and continuous click mode.
● In the continuous click mode, long press the trigger button can achieve high-frequency continuous click, 8 times per second.
● Unique tensile structure for stable and convenient grip, with a better feel.
● Short key range of mouse-level microswitch, highly sensitive and responsive.
● A physical connection, common to iOS and Android systems.
● Using a stable stretch structure, lined with rubber anti-skid pad, clamped tightly with the mobile phone.
● The inside slot is designed to reserve space for volume keys and lock screen keys to avoid accidental touch.
● Maximum thickness support is 9mm, maximum stretch support is 82mm.
● Use time 80 hours with a full charging time of 1.5 hours.

Flydigi Stinger is designed for a more user-friendly experience, you don't have to take off your phone case when using it. Also, connection and control sensitivity will not be affected by screen protectors either: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-youpin-flydigi-stinger-game-trigger.html

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