Xiaomi Youpin Bluetooth Vinyl Player with Professional Debugging Capability


Aug 3, 2018
The Xiaomi Youpin Bluetooth vinyl player has a broadcast and release feature which eliminates the traditional complex configuration. In addition, the phonograph optimizes the complex configuration of the vinyl playback system, ensures simple and easy to use. It uses an original triangular magnetic pickup which allows you to use this player for a considerable long period of time and comes with a professional debugging ability which ensures there is little or no record loss since most of the music plates will be pretty old. Its excellent seismic performance and stable needle pressure further deliver a good and clear sound.

The player comes with its own portable speaker in the front which produces good sound. Also, it supports Bluetooth connection, thus the player can switch between Bluetooth mode and ordinary mode, you can use the speaker of this device to play music on your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Interestingly the phono arm can be locked when the phonograph is not working.

Product Features:
● Using the original triangle MM magnetic pickup, cost-effective, quality assurance and longer life.
● The volume is small, but the sound quality is not inferior, dynamic and sound field are powerful.
● Professional debugging, reducing record less, excellent seismic performance, stable needle pressure.
● Equipped with a pair of high-quality sound units, dynamic and vocal expression.
● Metal texture, conveying modern aesthetics.
● Digital music Bluetooth connection, switches the Bluetooth mode with one button and connects playback device.
● The phono arm can be locked when the phonograph is not working, and the material is good.
● Control the hydraulic lifting device of the phono arm, which has a comfortable damping and excellent hand feeling, and at the same time protects the stylus and the record.
● Wool disc pad, maximize the protection of vinyl records.
● When the function knob is turned on, the turntable will automatically start and stop with the position of the arm, convenient for operation.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth vinyl player promises to bring your home the classical music of vinyl records with a high fidelity and a modern way. Just close your eyes, feel the texture of vinyl, the sound quality of which is closer to the original sound in all media: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-youpin-tt245-multifunctional-bluetooth-vinyl-player.html

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