Xiaomi Smartmi Ultrasonic Smart Humidifier - Effectively Moisten The Indoor Environment


Aug 3, 2018
Still be in trouble with the dry air? This Xiaomi Smartmi ultrasonic air humidifier is designed to provide you with fresh air and meanwhile moisturizes your skin. It adopts UVGI technology to eliminate the bacteria with rate up to 98.8%, 2.25L large capacity and upper water injection for convenient use. What's more, it will automatically adjust the humidification speeds in different circumstances. Xiaomi Smartmi ultrasonic humidifier gives 200ml/h injection capacity at the 2.4MHz frequency, which breaks down the water particle structure into super-fine micron particles. The smaller the water droplets, the more diffuse and permeable, the deeper the sound will be many times better than the conventional spray technology. In addition, this humidifier is also equipped with a more powerful fan with the ability to optimize the wind path structure. Thereby reducing the wind loss when blowing, the sprayed dew particles will follow the fixed vertical line to the air to increase the spreading effect and penetrate deeply into the skin.

Product Features:
● Micron Fine Water Mist Cloud
High frequency atomized tablets, 2.4MHz vibration frequency disperses the water into micron particles, the formation of fine water mist diffuse and quickly evaporate, deeply moister the indoor environment.

● Optimized Wind Path Structure
The inner wall of the fog guiding channel with grinding process, and the outlet of the channel is equipped with the interceptor baffle to reduce the possibility of water droplets being blown out.

● Upper Water Adding Mouth
The flowing water inlet design makes it easy for water to be added, you can also open the top cover or lift the water tank directly to add water.

● Strong and High Spray, Wider Diffusion
The application of the new fan makes the wind force stronger, optimizes the wind path structure and further reduces the wind loss. Atomized particles are squeezed and pushed heavily in the sealed passageway, which are vertically sprayed and dispersed in the air. Numerous small fog particles slowly fall down and quickly evaporate and infiltrate the whole room before landing.

● Efficient and Energy-saving
24W low power consumption, even if it is always on, 40 hours of power consumption is less than lkWh. The application of the new fan reduces the noise and increases the amount of spray, and almost no sound is heard when the large gear is turned on.

● Large Capacity Water Tank
2.25L large capacity water storage tank, even if open the third level of fog, also do not need frequent water injection, moisten the whole night.

● Open Water Tank Design
The interior does not have the right angle that rises and falls greatly, the top cover of tank can be removed, and you can reach out to go in directly clean, very convenient.

● Automatic Power Off Design
With water level monitoring and anti-dry burning sensor, when the detection of water storage is lower than the safe water level, the main opportunity automatically standby, at the same time the indicator light will stroboscopic, remind you to add water in time. If there is no water in the tank, it will automatically cut off the power supply to avoid dry burning.

● Delicate and Beautiful
Surface etch grain processing increases artistic temperament, simply key design is convenient to operate.

There is also maximum water level warning, the injection volume is clearly visible. The anti-slip bottom pads makes it more stable to place, and the tank detachment inducation is safer to use: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-smartmi-2-25l-ultrasonic-smart-humidifier.html

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