1. gearvita

    Xiaomi Smartmi Ultrasonic Smart Humidifier - Effectively Moisten The Indoor Environment

    Still be in trouble with the dry air? This Xiaomi Smartmi ultrasonic air humidifier is designed to provide you with fresh air and meanwhile moisturizes your skin. It adopts UVGI technology to eliminate the bacteria with rate up to 98.8%, 2.25L large capacity and upper water injection for...
  2. gearvita

    Xiaomi Deerma LM09 Mini Humidifier Relieves Your Stress

    Infuse lovely fragrance into the Xiaomi Deerma LM09 humidifier can improve the quality of the air we breathe, which is perfect for relieving modern day stress and creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. Quiet 30db noise won't bother you or your family no matter you are sleeping or...