Xiaomi Aqara Smart Bedroom Set - Creat A Perfect Smart Home without Stress


Aug 3, 2018
Xiaomi Aqara smart bedroom set is a component for remote control of a smart home, which enables you set the mode of operation of home appliances, lighting devices and other smart gadgets without getting out of bed. Aqara smart bedroom set includes an air conditioner companion, a temperature humidity sensor, a human body sensor, a wall socket and a few more accessories, all components interact with each other to build a multi-level structure. The temperature humidity sensor in real time measures the conditions inside the room, then the smart socket receive the command to activate the air conditioner as the case may be, in case the temperature limit set through the software is exceeded. The smart bedroom set is able to operate with other parameters to control electronics synchronized with mobile software.

Product Features:
● Intelligent Control of Air Conditioning Temperature and Humidity
With the use of air conditioning companion, temperature and humidity sensor and body sensor, the temperature can be changed at will. If someone in the room and the temperature is too high, the air conditioning will be automatically turned on, when no one in the home for an hour, the air conditioning will be automatically turned off.

● Intelligent Control Light
Using the wall switch, gently press the wireless switch at the head of the bed to control the light. The human body sensor with the function of illumination can also realize the induction of bright lights, no one lights off, and many other scenes.

● Wireless Control of Home Appliances
Placing the wireless switch within easy reach, easily control the electrical equipment connected to the wall socket, which is convenient and practical. Plus timing switch, remote control, sensor linkage, and other control methods, make the home of ordinary electrical appliances become intelligent.

● The Sensirion Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Have a plus or minus 0.3 Deg.C temperature and plus or minus 3 percent humidity precise detection function, to the air-condition, intelligent socket issue instructions, start the air conditioning, humidifiers, such as home appliance equipment, real-time detection to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

● 7 Meters 170-degree Wide Range of Human Induction
Human body sensor can detect the movement of people or pets, linkage control corresponding home appliances, and equipment, bring wonderful experience of the whole house of intelligence.

● Intelligent Dual Control, No Need to Slot Wiring to Achieve Dual Control
Double control refers to two switches control the same lamp, the Aqara wall switch is only replaced by the original wall switch, coupled with a wireless switch, you can achieve intelligent double control, without slotting wiring, low-cost transformation, simple and convenient.

● Aqara Wall Socket
Model 86 Aqara smart wall socket, integrated with home decoration style, with remote control, power statistics, timing switch and other functions.

● Common Scenes Preset
Common scenes have been preset, only need to open them in MiHome APP.

With the smart bedroom set, life is getting better and stress-free each day. Air conditioning and light moving because of you, life is never so simple: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-aqara-smart-bedroom-set.html

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