Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor - Automatic Alarm, Atmospheric Pressure Detection


Aug 3, 2018
The Xiaomi Aqara temperature humidity sensor can monitor the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, and can either then make changes to the environment of sending a notification to your phone via the APP. With the ability of matching with other smart devices such as gateway remote control, smart outlet, versatile controller, etc. this sensor is able to help you create a smart home. What is more, this smart sensor is easy to control the temperature and humidity change by viewing the data according to historical records.

Product Features:
● Real-time Detection
Through the APP, you can know the present and historical record of the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure of your home anytime and anywhere.

● Automatically Alarm
You can set the comfort zone via the APP, when the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure detected are abnormal, it will send alert to your phone. It is perfect for the elderly and children.

● Protect Baby's Health
With the sensor installed in the baby's room, you can timely know the change of the temperature and humidity.

● Dehumidification of Wardrobe
You can install the sensor in your wardrobe, when the humidity is too large, it will send alert to you.

● Say Goodbye to Dry Air
You can connect the sensor with Xiaomi smart outlet, if the humidity detected is too low, it can turn on the outlet and power the humidifier.

● No Longer Stand Hot Weather
You can connect the sensor with the versatile controller, if the temperature detected is too high, it can automatically turn on the air conditioning.

● Easy to Control
When the multifunctional gateway remote control is in the energized state, you can easily connect to the Xiaomi Aqara temperature humidity sensor according to the APP.

● Simple to Install
You can place or stick the sensor anywhere.

The APP also provides useful statistics on weather data in the local area to provide you more details on the best way to keep your home, office or environment comfortable and stable. With the cheap price at only $12.99 on GearVita, it will become an indispensable part of your creation of a smart home system: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-aqara-wsdcgq11lm-temperature-humidity-sensor.html

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