Xiaomi BRE02JY Type-C Earphones - Music at Your Fingertips


Aug 3, 2018
The Xiaomi BRE02JY in-ear earbuds are designed with dual-unit half-ear, they are P-shaped and with USB Type-C interface. The softened shape ensures a good fit and convenient wear. With the ergonomic design, the earbuds will stay in place even through a strenuous workout and will not disturb you or cause any discomfort thanks to the pleasant texture. They are endowed with noise cancelling technology, built in microphone for clear phone talking.

Product Features:
● Reversible Type-C plug design, no need to check the plug orientation.
● High-quality digital decoding chip has high decoding and high signal-to-noise ratio, greatly reduces the attenuation of audio during transmission.
● Dynamic driver + ceramics driver, produces richer immersive sound.
● Thin ceramic speaker unit produces smooth and high-definition sound quality through two-way vibration.
● Ergonomic bevel in-ear design, brings comfortable wearing feeling.
● High elastic TPE wire, environmentally friendly non-toxic, soft touch, temperature resistance.
● Built-in MEMS microphone, precise feedback, brings a better talk sound.
● Wired control, more convenient to use.
● Hi-Res audio recognized provides CD level sound quality.

There are a few things that Xiaomi are noted for, two of them being good price-quality ratio and design "affinity" to Apple devices. The Xiaomi BRE02JY earbuds are the perfect example of both, at least at the first glance. They look very similar to Apple earbuds, and are priced at just $24.99 on GearVita: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-bre02jy-type-c-dynamic-in-ear-earbuds.html

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