Xiaomi Mijia 1.6L Smart Rice Cooker - 400W High Power, PFA Non-stick Coating, APP Intelligent Linkage


Aug 3, 2018
Xiaomi Mijia 1.6L smart rice cooker is a high-tech device with a Dajin PFA non-stick powder coating, a 400-watt strong cooking system, different dynamic fire-control and short-circuit mechanisms. The rice cooker also has smart functions and remote control through the Xiaomi APP, where we can choose between different cooking modes, such as fast cooking or slow cooking, and can even be adapted to any of the 3000 forms of rice preparation. At the hardware level, it has a LED display with a type 4 energy efficiency, as well as two temperature probes to be constantly aware of what is happening inside it.

Product Features:
● 1.6L Capacity
Can cook rice/porridge about 6 cups at a time, the size is as same as a 6 inches cake, which is suitable for singles, or a couple of people.

● Small Size
Very small size, easy to store, save space, and easy to move.

● 400W Powerful Output
Dynamic firepower regulation, adjusted accroding to different cooking modes.

● APP Intelligent Choice Of Cooking
The cooking curve of 3000+ varieties of rice, a large number of nutritional recipes, APP one-click selection.

● Dual Temperature Probe
Up and down double temperature probe, monitor cooking temperature all the time, and automatically adjust to avoid overflow.

● 1.7mm Thick Non-stick Liner
5 layers thick pot liner, daikin PFA non-stick powder coating. The liner is evenly heated, the surface is smooth and it is not easy to stick the pan, easy to clean.

● Hidden LED Board to Display The Data
Implicit LED interactive panel, interactive information only appear when you exhale.

Usually cooking for a person requires less capacity than cooking for a family of five. If you are cooking a smaller portion, doing so in a larger cooker would have a negative impact on your final product and may cause waste, so the Mijia 1.6L smart rice cooker is the right size you should choose: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mijia-dfb201cm-1-6l-smart-rice-cooker-app-control.html

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