GearVita Black Friday & Cyber Monday - 10% Off, $1.11 Flash Sale, Add-on for $9.99

The Black Friday & Cyber Monday event of GearVita officially opened and the event lasted until November 30th. All event products will receive a 10% discount with the coupon code "Paypal10", except for flash sale and add-on products. But flash sale and add-on products are more cost-effective. The flash sale price is as low as $1.11, including the recent black shark smartphone from Xiaomi, the best-selling Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch, are all presented to you at flash sale prices. The flash sale product will be changed every three days, and you can check if there is any product you like every few days. Any order over $50 will get a $9.99 redemption for add-on, with one unit per item and only one chance per order. In addition, smartphones, tablets and accessories, smartwatches, audio products, smart homes that everyone is interested in can use the coupon code to get discounts. For users in the United States, we also offer PayPal installment support.

The promotion will be concluded on December 1st, so hurry up to choose and buy! For detailed event products, please check here:



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I'm interested in buying this little gadget. The original price isn't much for me, but $6 is no money, so if it fails to meet my expectations, it wouldn't really matter a lot.
Now, it can connect with Android and iOS smartphones, cool. But can it also connect to a laptop or computer? See, for some gaming content, I'd like to show my heart rate on screen. Can this smartwatch achieve that? Even with a computer that has no WiFi?

Also, I might've passed over this, but does it come with a specific app, or can it be used with pretty much any app that connects to smartwatches?
Oh, and what is the expected lifespan? I shouldn't expect much for $6, but if you guarantee that it should last at least a year, then I'm as good as sold!
It can only connect to the phone via Bluetooth, can't connect to a laptop or computer.

As for the APP, there is a QR code on the manual, and you can download the APP by scanning the code.


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Okay, that satisfies my needs on the device. Now, as I was about to order, I suddenly reminded something: I live in Belgium, and this company might not have a settlement in a nearby country. So I took another look on the details and yup, there I saw it:
Another $7,55 for shipment from the United States via Belgium Registered Air Mail.

So I decided to hold up on the offer. For a guy like me, $13,54 isn't really much, but I'm not a big spender, I still buy things cautiously, and for what I'm willing to buy, this amount falls out of the category "Doesn't matter it fails to meet my expectations".

And I might be missing other additional costs. Are there any other costs included, or is it just the watch and the shipping costs?
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