1. gearvita

    Hohem iSteady Mobile 3 Axis Gimbal - Not Only Stability But Also Vision

    Hohem iSteady Mobile gimbal is the world's first to launch the face/object tracking motion time lapse, and it also support many kinds of advanced shooting techniques, such as static lapse, motion lapse, track lapse, etc. Product Features: ● Integrated multi-functional slider for zoom/focus...
  2. gearvita

    Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer - Born for Mobile Filmmakers

    Designed for smartphones, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal stabilizer gives your mobile footage a more professional look and feel. Using the ZY Play app, you can control the gimbal and your Android or iOS device. Zoom in, start or stop recording, capture still images, and more. Tailored to mobile film...
  3. gearvita

    Flydigi Q1 Converter Turns Keyboard And Mouse into Mobile Game Control Handle

    Flydigi Q1 mobile game mouse keyboard converter is developed to make you play thousands of games even the game doesn't support controller before. Flydigi gamepad assistant has a Flymapping feature, which is developed based on button mapping technology, you can drag buttons to adjust custom...
  4. deejaycee

    IPHONE XS - Thoughts

    What do you think of the new IPHONE XS? Do you think the price is worth the specifications of the phone? What do you think of the new features of the new iPhone?
  5. Kakashi2020

    Does anyone know how to increase the RAM of an Android?

    The usual problem of Android Phones is their limited RAM. There are some hacks that can expand your ram to twice it's size. One way of doing it is by downloading a RAM Expander its a SWAP app. This will enable you to convert a part of your SD Card Memory as Expanded RAM. Any downsides doing...