C800 Car Head Up Display - Driving Without Bowing


Aug 3, 2018
The C800 car hud is connected to the OBD2 socket in the car, real-time engine parameters are displayed on the windscreen so that the driver does not have to see all the necessary information from the road. The built-in light sensor automatically adjusts brightness. It is very easy to install, just connect the diagnostic socket and start the car, 100% safety for the vehicle.

Product Features:
● HD zero-ghost industrial-grade mirrors make the display clearer.
● The curved surface adopts R chamfer design, to make a better vision.
● Fast one-touch switching, OBD/GPS system freely switch.
● Four-channel dual system, faster refresh rate, more comfortable display, reduced strobe.
● Intelligent power saving, automatic power on/off.
● Satellite automatic timing digital clock, no deviation, no battery, no explosion risk.
● The satellite collects altitude and is not affected by natural factors such as weather, and the positioning accuracy is very high.
● Driving time calculation, driving distance measurement.
● Water temperature and voltage alarm can be freely set parameter alarm value, more cool and flexible.
● Display 3 different fuel consumption, before driving, when driving and when vehicle turns off, to improve the bad driving habits.
● Dual-core processor, industrial integrated circuit design + RAM microcontroller + professional solution chip, to ensure the data won't delay.
● Excellent display effect, thanks to high-power imported energy-saving LED lamp beads, day and night both are clear.
● Independent dual power supply design, automotive communication power supply and working power supply are separated.
● High temperature resistance ABS + PC material, can work well under summer hot days.
● Built-in light senser, which can adjust brightness according to external light.
● Fatigue driving reminder, once driving more than 4 hours, the machine alarms, prompt you need a break.
● Fault code icon will flash when there is an error in your engine.
● Satellite numbers, received more satellite, the signal is more stable.
● Plug and play, easy to use.

The body uses an environmently friendly rubber lacquer process, delivers higher-end. The C800 car head up display will improve driving safety, lets you drive without bowing: https://gearvita.com/c800-car-hud-head-up-display.html

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