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Aug 3, 2018
Unlike other Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones, this one Xiaomi Mi wired headphone karaoke version is specially designed for karaoke lovers. If you have a terrible voice, don't worry, one-click sound beautifications function will help you, singing small defects become pleasant to listen to through adjustment. The built-in reverb is very powerful, light reverberation, medium reverberation, large reverberation, no mixing cycle switching, one-button to switch, to meet the needs of different K songs. There is a feature that lets you change your voice to any of the five preset ones including that of a famale, a boy, a child, a electronic or a robot. It also has a funny feature that allows you to eliminate the original singing just by snapping your fingers.

Product Features:
● One-click sound beautifications is reliable, makes the song more in tune.
● Built-in reverb is very powerful, one-button to switch three-speed reverb.
● One-click voice change is fun, six sound modes can be switched at will.
● Convenient to eliminate the original song, new songs can also become accompaniment.
● HD recording mode, original real sound, processed wet sound, mixing sound, easy to master.
● 9.9mm high sensitivity capacitor microphone, high signal-to-noise ratio, quick response, recording every detail of sound.
● PU + PET composite membrane, 40mm moving coil horn, high school low frequency balance, rich in details.
● Cirrus Logic, three core audio processing DSP, sound play more fuller and hierarchical, sound acquisition more dynamic and detailed.
● Ear-to-ear monitoring is as low as 6ms, listening to your own voice while singing, adjust at any time, not out of tune.
● Used with Xiaomi K Song APP, more powerful and simpler.

The design on the head is made with a soft material that gives great comfort and comes in a pure white color design to give the headphone premium appearance it deserves: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mi-wired-headphone-karaoke-version-noise-cancellation.html

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