Soocoo PS3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Turns Your Phone into A Professional Filmmaking Camera


Aug 3, 2018
The Soocoo PS3 handheld gimbal stabilizer reduces vibration and swinging of video shots on your smartphones. With application support, you can control your phone and take panoramic and 360-degree photos. You can make multiple adjustments during shooting with the control in the handheld section and you can direct it manually. Manual and auto focus feature allows you to make more professional video shots, you can also do automatic tracking by selecting the face you want to follow with face recognition and tracking system. With two-way charging, it can become an emergency battery for your phone while charging with a portable charger.

Product Features:
● A slider on the control panel and a trigger button on the back easily recognize and switch between different gimbal modes, reduce the inconvenience of constant needs for touching the screen.
● Focus pull and zoom capacity help you zoom in or out to achieve professional close-up shots.
● Realize features such as time lapse, moving time lapse and motion lapse, record lives and display the art of time flow.
● Frame the object to be tracked on the screen, and the stabilizer can do the rest to realize object tracking.
● Dual charging method, adopts the mainstream Type-C charging port and USB port, ensures a long endurance time reaches to 12 hours.
● 3-Axis operation, 300 degree in panning, 240 degree in tilting and 240 degree in rolling, more flexible to realize more photography possibility.
● Phone go mode for instant scene transition, release the potential of motors in a flash to respond to every delicate movement without delay.
● Connect mobile phone through Bluetooth, control mobile phone to take pictures, record video, ect.

This Soocoo PS3 gimbal stabilizer is designed for mobile filmmakers, turns your mobile phone into a professional filmmaking camera, helps you to create stable and smooth footage with phone:

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