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I have subscribed to early bird features in Mozilla Firefox and a few days ago I got a pop-up window in my browsers asking if I want a free VPN extension similar to the Opera Browser VPN connection. A few months ago, my family and I have moved to Siberia and some random sites simply do not work, once even YouTube! So for me, it is a neat and useful feature.

Will this feature be useful for you and would that encourage you to move to FireFox if you are currently not using it?

Screenshot from 2018-10-22 17-34-07.png
If the feature is good then it will make me turn to Firefox. After all we love what we love because of user friendly features.

I get it rough to stick to a site or app that is hard to navigate. We waste a lot of time trying to post or log in.
Yes, it really works well and is easy to use. It is also great that it's limitless and free and the 3 options are the USA, UK and Canada as seen in picture. It is very similar to Opera at the moment, but in November I want to try it out with Sevens Rugby live streaming. I can't check it out in my region so I need to use a VPN and Opera didn't work for me so it will be a good test to see!
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