P1 32GB Fingerprint Encryption USB 3.0 U Disk Prevents Information Leakage of Important Data


Aug 3, 2018
The P1 32GB fingerprint encryption U disk adopts bio-static, capacitive identification technology, only recorded fingerprint can open the U disk, keeps your data safe. It has a high performance fingerprint recognition button with 6H hardness level, can effectively prevent scratches by hard objects, supports for entering up to 10 fingerprints. 32GB large storage capacity can be partitioned into two sectors: the public sector that anyone can use and the encryption sector that fingerprint encrypted. At the same time, the USB 3.0 technology ensures high speed data transmission.

Product Features:
● High Security
Fingerprint encryption, a combination of secure data storage space and biometric technology, to prevent unauthorized users malicious access to data.

● High Speed and Accurate Identification
Allocated with capacitive press fingerprint identification modeule, recognition rate reaches to 98.5% and only takes 0.3 seconds to get a matched recognition. Supports 360 degree all-round unlock, max 10 fingerprints can be added.

● 32GB Dual Storage
Contains public and secure sectors, the public sector can immediately access after the U disk inserted the computer USB port, but the secure sector only in the corresponding fingerprint authentication will appear after the success.

● Anti-scratch Wear
Whole metal material, quality assurance, greatly enhances the fingerprint U disk life, gives you a better feeling in hand and protection.

This fingerprint encryption U disk can prevent information leakage of important data even if lost or stolen by any chance: https://gearvita.com/p1-32gb-high-speed-fingerprint-encryption-u-disk-usb-3-0.html

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