1. Rob Reece

    Five reasons you should choose iPhone XS Max for your next phone

    iPhone XS Max is the largest iPhone and also the best phone Apple has ever created, in this post, let's take a look at the 5 most impressive features of iPhone Xs Max under the users' eyes. Size Speaking of XS Max, it's impossible not to mention the amazing 6.5-inch screen size of the phone...
  2. SS1234

    New phones or Used phones?

    When considering buying a phone most of us think about the price of the phone. Today the prices of phones continually increase and the top or high end models reach up to 1000 dollars; and most of us would think that this kind of price for a phone is a bit unreasonable. An alternative to this...
  3. jeniffer26

    Playing games in phone or tablet?

    I would like to ask which device is best to use when playing an online games since both have advantages and disadvantages. I been playing lots of online games and I am having a trouble whenever I log in to a game sometimes my account can't be log in the tablet because I log in the phone. Would...
  4. httplyka

    To android users, what application in your phone do you use the most?

    I just bought a new phone and I'm troubled with what to install. Suggest your most used application and I'm willing to try and install.