New phones or Used phones?


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When considering buying a phone most of us think about the price of the phone. Today the prices of phones continually increase and the top or high end models reach up to 1000 dollars; and most of us would think that this kind of price for a phone is a bit unreasonable.

An alternative to this unreasonable pricing of new phones is to buy a 2nd hand or a used phone. Due to the depreciation of the value of the phone since the time it was bought the price could decrease significantly. Although not entirely new it still is a high end phone and is still capable of functioning as good as new. There are some phones that are sold by people which are still new and have no damages; if you can find such a phone in a lesser price from those sold in the market then I think this is a better choice than buying a new one which has a significantly higher price.

I personally think that buying 2nd hand phones are a good idea if you want to have a high end phone without spending so much money, but if you can afford the new ones that are sold then you can buy those. Basically your decision depends on your financial capacity and how practical you want to be in choosing your phone.
When i have a lot of money, i will choose new phone. but if i on a budget i will choose used phone. Both new or old are still the same as long that it is still activate and can still connect to your love ones it can be used.
In my personal opinion, new phones are better because it will have the latest technology that a smartphone should have. Besides, it has better specifications than old or used phones. If you are going to buy an used phone, you need to check it carefully to make sure that it will not have any errors because the owner could sell it because of those errors.
It depends. When you have an stable job just go with a new phone but if you are a practical person and loves a cheaper one because now aday's every year have a new model, just choose to buy used phone but you need to be very careful on buying because you need to consider that it's not over used and no problem in the unit.
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