new phone

  1. SS1234

    New phones or Used phones?

    When considering buying a phone most of us think about the price of the phone. Today the prices of phones continually increase and the top or high end models reach up to 1000 dollars; and most of us would think that this kind of price for a phone is a bit unreasonable. An alternative to this...
  2. OPOtester

    Advice on next Android phone

    Hello, I'm currently debating what my next phone should be. I own a OnePluse One but it due for a replacement. The phone is really slow, even after a factory reset. The new phone must be an Android phone. It needs to be fast. A good camera is not really necessary but would be nice. Also the...
  3. CalinPopa47

    Older flaghips or new midrange beasts?

    Hi I looking for a new phone,but my budget is limited because most of my money go to a bussiness I am about to start.I'm trying to choose between an older Iphone/Samsung/Huawei or a midrange decent model like Mi A2/Mi 8 SE or Nokia 7 plus.What are your opinions?