What to do if iPhone runs slow

Replacing batteries can be a great way to improve performance, if the iPhone has been used for a year.

According to technology companies in United States, smartphones are going to be fixed to reduce performance once the battery down; to avoid the situation, the device is all of sudden off the supply. Responding to Apple's claim, many customers express anger at the company's failure disclosing the "feature" publically. Some users have been sued by Apple for causing the iPhone maker to slow down "causing economic damage and other problems" to them.

Why did Apple do that?
Some users who have encountered the status of iPhones are self-crashing despite a few percent of battery life.
Apple then silently released software updates to prevent this situation, which reduced the performance to reduce battery consumption.

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US Technology Company confirmed the correction is only to fix the problem, not to attract users to buy new iPhone. But experts say that Apple has better ways of solving these problems. One of the options is that, users are allowed to turn on or off performance in settings. This is also a reasonthat makes iPhone to get slow down. Or Apple can make easier battery replacement,such as discounting the service.

Which iPhone is affected?
In theory, Apple could slow down all old iPhone models. However, the company claims oninterfering in certain models.
Manufacturers made their debut last year for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE.
Recently, the company added to the list of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, through iOS 11.2 update. Apple said it plans to apply for other models in the future.

Settings to speed up iPhone
Before replacing the battery, make sure your iPhone is not slowed down for other reasons. Your device should be updated to the latest iOS, and install the latest version for all apps. In addition to fixing bugs and adding features, the following versions can limit the status of iPhone running slow and help patch vulnerabilities.
Also, check your iPhone has enough free memory. Go to Settings> General> Storage & iCloud Usage to proceed to freeing up memory. Users can also use services like Google Photos or Dropbox to store photos, videos and then delete them on the iPhone.
Other options for accelerating iPhone include turn off background services, location-based settings for individual apps, and turn off motion effects.

Replace the battery

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If you find your iPhone slower by battery, you can replace it with a new one. Of course to do this, users mayneed support of technicians.
At Apple's service centers, the cost of replacing the battery is $ 79 (about $ 1.8 million), which takes 3-5 days. Some outlets also offer this service at a lower cost, however users should consider credibility points to avoid replacing poor quality batteries.

What to do to extend the battery life
iPhone uses lithium-ion batteries and its performance will decrease over time or depending on usage conditions. According to Apple, after every 500 cycles of charging, the battery performance on the device dropped at 80%. If used correctly, the iPhone battery will last longer.
Make it too hot or too cold. If the phone is hot, it is best to turn it off and allow it to cool before turning it on again. When not using the unit for a long time, you should charge at least 50% of the battery before storing it. Since storing more than six months,make sure to charge the battery before use.


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Great post, very well written and very educational. I love how it's also universal so it can basically apply to almost every phone. Lagging and slow running phone is such a big deal nowadays, especially because people always install way too many unnecessary applications that are "killing" the phone slowly.

Hopefully this will help a lot of people, it definitely made my mobile friend run a little bit faster :)
Can you also recommend any application that will clean out all the unnecessary stuff?
Thanks a lot, by the way
Jedi Knight Muse
I think apps can help but no more, the best way to solve this is buying a iPhone with more RAM and more space storage which can help you run heavy games or apps without lagging.


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Oh damn, i guess the time has come to buy a new phone. My old and dusty one is not of a good use any more and considering the lack of applications, there is no other options. How much experience do you actually have with an iPhone? If you had to pick between iPhone 5S, 6 and 7 which one would you choose and why?
I don't really need it to play hardcore, demanding games, only need it for basic stuff but i need a solid phone, just in case :D


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I really don't believe people should have that many apps that would cause their phones to run very slow.
I personally have very small amount of apps, since I still use phone mostly for talking and texting and do not require special apps.
Deleting apps that you do not use anymore will help a lot to improve the battery and speed, but, as you said, buying a phone with a lot of RAM is the best way you can have a fast phone, if you can afford it, of course.


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I usually restart my phone and keep it like that for several hours.If that does not work, I heard, and it was proven correct in my case, that putting your battery in a fridge, covered with something should help as it helps battery to last longer and kinda freezes it to allow it more energy.
Also, disabling apps and deleting those you do not use is always helpful.
Do you remove your iPhone's battery? I tried doing this to my old Samsung Champ back then and it is effective. But iPhone's battery isn't easily removed, right?


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No, I do not remove the battery since I am very much of scared not to damage the phone.I am not quite of an expert so I just restart it without trying to open my phone up.
No, it is not.Unfortunately, with an iPhone, you do not have that ''space'' to put your nail/finger at and open the back of your phone.You have to unscrew it.
Once you open it, it is gonna, usually, come out like this

So with everything you have to do with iPhone, you really have to be careful since there is plenty of spaces for you to hit or to just slightly touch in order to damage it.
You can see where the battery is located on the picture.


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There are many useful videos on internet how to remove battery.I only did it once, with my brother, since his hands are more ''calmer'' than mine.You really need patience since screws are so small and you need the smallest screwdriver you can find.

It would have to be something like this.

This is the video we used.

It really isn't that hard, it just requires time and never forget to keep an eye on the screws since they are so small and can be easily lost without you even noticing.


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This is very helpful in all aspects, remember a phone is a good one when it still have battery power to be on and used for the purpose it was bought for. I believe that the best easy way to working towards having a good battery life in one's device is buying a device with higher battery mAh.

This would aid the device to last longer once its charged and even when several applications runs on it. Also having a higher RAM would aid in this case as well.
Is it okay to have the battery replaced in a non apple store? I think it is too expensive to have it replaced in Apple service centers especially if it is no longer covered by the warranty.
I also did this before. Replaced my phone's battery in a non Apple store. I thought it was going to be better but it actually got worse. The first few days were okay, but later the battery dies really fast it only takes like 30 mins after full charging for my phone to be empty. My best advice is, go to Apple service center if you can spend some dollars or just check the battery's quality that will be replaced to ensure efficiency.
This is a very good content. If my iPhone runs slow, what I usually do is to check first my iPhone storage if how many GB was used. After that, I restart my phone, and like what you're doing, I also update the latest IOS to somehow fix the problem.
I have a few types that you can use to fixe your iphone battery :
  • Reboot your iPhone.
  • Use the Reduce Motion feature
  • Tweak location and background settings
  • Restore with iTunes, not iCloud
Nice. I am an iphone user and I am planning to change the battery. Thank you for the tips, I haven't updated my phone to the latest IOs yet. Good thing I have read this one.
Anyway, I've been moving my photo's and some music to my PC to free more memory. I haven't experienced my phone running slow yet, maybe it also depends on how you use the phone. Some are using it while charging, and some aren't aware that the memory is already full.
So, thank you for this post.


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I think not only Iphone sometimes taking slowly. It is because you have many installed applications that would make your phone working slowly. Reboot it. Delete files and applications that you do not need. For that your phone will perform faster as new.


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You're totally right, that should be the first you should do, it's the simplest thing to do to make your phone run faster again. But sometimes, all the installed apps and files are required. You could buy a better phone to handle them all, but if there are free solutions (as written), then it's prefered to do that as well.
There are few scenarios why phones are getting slower. Maybe the storage of your phone is full. Using high-end apps. Your phone is not updated. When the phone gets hot the system will run slower.

About the updating part that I mentioned. If your phone is not the latest release then your iPhone may run slow before you updated. I read some articles and Apple actually did not deny these accusations that they are slowing down the old phone on their latest updates. What I understand about their reason is they need to slow down or decrease the performance of all the old phones so that the battery life of that phone will not end quickly.
Most of the time it is because the cache of the mobile might be full. so we need to clear it frequently also make sure that the OS is up to date with the latest software. nowadays with each OS release they are tweaking the performance which improves the overall performance of the mobile.
I'm an iphone user, my phone starts to run slow when I upgrade to IOS 10.3. What I did is I contacted apple support and ask for a donwgrade. Now my phone operates an IOS 9 and its running back to its normal pace.
In my experience, the best way to get your phone running up to speed is to clear out its storage of any unnecessary data. Your old pictures and videos can be stored on a separate thumb drive, giving your phone much more storage space. Another thing that takes up a large amount of storage on your phone is saved messages. You’d be surprised how much storage space you get back once you delete all your old messages!

Constantly keeping your phone’s hard drive neat and tidy can increase the overall performance of your iPhone. Battery life may be longer and the phone will definitely process tasks much quicker. Hope this helps!
This is really helpful, thank you for this! I usually experience this-my phone slowing down. I tried and deleted some of my files and photos and stored it on Dropbox. Next time I'll try and use the other ones listed here too.
Hope these steps would help.
1. Delete or reinstall apps that take up a ton of space
2. Disable location services for apps that don’t need GPS
3. Reduce iOS animation features like Parallax and increase contrast
4. Clean out old photos and videos. Backup old photos and videos
5. Disable “Background App Refresh”
6. Clear old text messages
7. Try updating to iOS 9
When you buy a new phone you will notice the speed is exceptional and the apps don't hang but with time the phone starts to be sluggish wondered why ?The new versions are no longer made as they used in the past they don't have the same software as before. If this happens just install a custom ROM that does not contain bloatware which will help with the speed of your phone.
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