JIMMY JV51 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner - Strong Suction, Deep Cleaning


Aug 3, 2018
JIMMY JV51 handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 100,000rpm digital motor, offers 115AW effective suction power, and tornado powerful suction. It has 2.50mm large diameter with a big air inlet, managing to clean big and small particles easily.

Product Features:
● 100,000rpm brushless digital motor, 400W power, 115AW large suction, 55% high motor efficiency.
● 50mm large diameter with a big air inlet, soft and hard hair composite, sucking big and small size of the particles easily.
● With a professional electric anti-mite brush, effectively remove dust mites and allergens.
● Efficient filtration HEPA with 99.97% removal rate.
● Replaceable large capacity lithium battery, 45min long runtime.
● Come with multiple brushes, anti-mite brush, floor brush, hair brush.
● 65° ergonomic handle angle design and 1.46kg lightweight host, extremely portable, easy to hold and lift.
● Innovative combing structure, anti-winding hair.
● Cleaning area can reach 350 square meters with full charging.
● Detachable washable design, more convenient to clean.

The handheld wireless vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning house and car inside corners, easily reach narrow places, where traditional vacuum cleaners not able to reach with: https://gearvita.com/jimmy-jv51-handheld-wireless-vacuum-cleaner.html

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