How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Your iPhone contacts are duplicated making communication management difficult. The following post will help you to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone quickly and easily. Deleting duplicate contacts is very simple, you do the following steps:

Step 1: Download and install Smart merge application on the iPhone's Appstore.

Step 2: Open the application immediately the system will ask you to sign in, sign in one of the accounts you have such as Facebook or Gmail.


Step 3: Skip the ads and introduce you to the management interface of Smart Merge. Here you click Duplicate Contact and Duplicate Phones, which is the statistics of duplicate contacts on the iPhone.


Step 4: Select the duplicate contacts.


Step 5: Select Merge to delete duplicate contacts.


So you have deleted the duplicate contacts on the iPhone successfully.
If you need help, you can leave a comment below.

Good luck!
Love this article. One time this happened to me not knowing how. Imagine everything got duplicated and you've got almost a thousand contacts. This article is a saver!
I would recommend the one that I use- Cleanup Duplicate Contacts. Before scanning your contacts, the app allows you to configure the merge level- You can detect only 100% matches or you may go for partial matches. And best of all, when it shows you the results, you can choose to remove all matching contacts or merge only a sub-selection of the duplicates. So you get the ultimate control of your contacts. What was most important to me is that it created a backup of all my contacts before de-duplicating or merging my contacts, so they stay safe and I can revert back the changes anytime.

Download Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS (y)
Wow, didn't know about that... This is very useful my friend! I would always copy the files on my PC or just write them down. This will save me a lot of time in the future.


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Okay, so it deletes duplicate numbers from your smartphone. That's cool, but why exactly does it need to link to one's email, Facebook, or Google account? Shouldn't opening it on your device (and allowing access to I don't know what) be enough for an app like this to do it's job?
I'm just not feeling comfortable connecting to my social media accounts with unknown apps.
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