1. gearvita

    Huawei Zink Portable Photo Printer - No Ink Printing Make Life Richer

    Huawei portable photo printer uses a compact body that is the same size as a power bank, with the workability based on Zink inkless printing technology and Bluetooth connection. It has a transmission speed of about 10 seconds, and the printing time is about 1 minute. The portable printer...
  2. kaellic

    What's Your Favorite Phone Camera Apps and Accessories?

    I personally don't use any lenses or anything like that, but right now I use the Halide app for iPhone almost primarily. It shoots in raw and extends beyond the stock camera app, while still keeping the layout simple for regular photo snapping. If I use the stock app, I usually go behind it with...
  3. BillEssley

    Take a quick photo on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

    The gesture, countdown timer, or volume key capture, makes it easier to navigate on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. Samsung Galaxy J7 pro is a smartphone recently introduced by Samsung and quickly created a decent feeling for users, especially the power to take photos. With 13 megapixel main and...