battery health

  1. charlou

    Laptop with Built-In Batteries?

    Hello everyone! I personally own an ASUS laptop with built-in battery. After 1 year of using it, I have to say I had a good experience. The only thing that is a challenge to me is taking care of the battery life. I am still quite confused on how to take care of it. Can I use my laptop while it...
  2. Maxwell

    Be the master of battery management on iOS 11.3

    Enable Battery Health in iOS 11.3 on iPhone to effectively manage device performance and prevent unexpected shutdowns. Apple has introduced Battery Health - a feature in the Performance Management tool of iOS 11.3 (beta 2) to provide more detailed information about the battery health of the...
  3. marciayudkin

    How to check smartphone battery health without any apps

    If you feel your smartphone is running out of battery life, following these tips to check the battery life and battery status of your Android or iOS devices. You need to do one of two ways to test the battery without an app. Option 1: Only 60 minutes is complete - Fully charged battery 100% -...