1. Dracindo

    Micro task apps for Android?

    I've been browsing the Google Play Store for a long time, looking for a game to keep myself busy during the day, but none of them are interesting. So instead, I'm looking for some apps that pay me to do microtasks. The payout doesn't have to be huge, they just have to give me a few cents for...
  2. BillEssley

    5 best wallpapers apps for iOS

    Do you like the Home screen on your iPhone to be new and unique with strange and eye-catching unique wallpapers? I will introduce you to 5 best wallpapers apps for iOS! 1. Unsplash Unsplash gathers a lot of themed wallpapers: people, nature, things, landmarks,...with free, high-quality images...
  3. Dracindo

    Are there any emoji maker apps?

    In a nutshell, I'm Twitch streamer who made it to affiliate and I'm still trying to make my own emotes, but no matter how hard I try or follow guides and use all tips given to me, I can't create anything I like, which is mainly because the quality is always bad when I make my emotes in...
  4. D

    Are you using the right document editing application?

    If you are someone whose life is drowned in documents then you need to ask yourself are you using the right document editing application? This question naturally comes with a number of counter questions. Some of the basics like Can you choose different fonts? Can you change the size of the...
  5. DenisMNE

    How to install Android apps on PC

    Anyone using an Android operating system knows that there are a huge number of interesting applications for the same. However, even if you do not have an Android phone or tablet, you can try it by installing it on your computer. Learn how to do this in the text below. You can not just install...
  6. charlou

    Minecraft on Smartphones or on Computer?

    Hello everyone! I have always been a fan of Minecraft. I just love how free it is to build, design and control your character. But the question is,is it better playing it on smartphones or on computer? Which one do you prefer?
  7. Keen2write

    Points2shop app

    Surely most of you have heard of points2shop, if no it's ok I'll tell you a little about it. Points2shop is an incentive website rewarding users in points or cash. Members earn easy by doing daily tasks like watching videos completing surveys yeah boring but hey it's money and free stuff at the...
  8. Chris Crocker

    Apps must have for low-end Android smartphones

    For low-end Android smartphones that handle very slowly, also the data storage space and applications are also very limited. This post will introduce to you some applications should be installed on low configuration smartphones to help you use more stable. These applications are the developer's...
  9. marciayudkin

    Should you install Clean Master on your smartphones?

    Clean Master or many other phone accelerator apps have been chosen by many Android users to clean up junk files, free up space to make their phones work faster. But are these applications really effective and worth downloading? This post will give you views and references to various sources...
  10. HelenR

    Find my android apps?

    Can you suggest me what are the best apps to find my Android smartphone? or is there a way to enable this feature on my smartphone without using apps?
  11. Rodney Olson

    Use Google Handwriting Input on your smartphone

    The new Google Handwriting Input tool, developed by Google itself, will help you edit text just by drawing on the touch screen. Google Handwriting Input is currently available on the Google Play apps store and can download it here to experience or it also can install with * .apk file on the web...
  12. HelenR

    Top selfie apps for iOS and Android?

    I am needing to use selfie apps for iOS and Android smartphones. Can you guys recommend me some top apps?
  13. Alex_smith

    How to install Apps on Android without using Google Play Store?

    Unfortunately I removed the icon Google play store on my smartphone but I don't know how to get it back. Are there any ways to install apps on Android without using Google Play Store? I ask this in the case I uninstalled Google Play Store for any reasons :)
  14. marciayudkin

    How to check smartphone battery health without any apps

    If you feel your smartphone is running out of battery life, following these tips to check the battery life and battery status of your Android or iOS devices. You need to do one of two ways to test the battery without an app. Option 1: Only 60 minutes is complete - Fully charged battery 100% -...
  15. jusumortal

    Unwanted apps and how to delete/uninstall them

    I have these annoying apps on my phone. They are not exactly annoying but I really don't use them, like Facebook, Youtube etc. I wanted to delete them, like permanently but I can't. When I looked up the info of those apps, it just gave me two options: FORCE STOP or DISABLE. Does any of you know...
  16. socialagency

    Best video editing software for Android smartphones?

    I have several videos on my smartphone and I want to edit them directly on my smartphone instead of copying them to PC. Is it possible? if yes then what is the best video editing software for Android smartphones?