Top selfie apps for iOS and Android?


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I would recommend getting camera 360 application. If you haven't heard about the selfie camera application, then you are in luck today because it's one of the best selfie camera application I have ever seen and used.

It's for Android devices, I'm not sure if it's compatible with iOS. Just go to Google play store and type in the search engine camera 360 and it would bring it up for you. I can guarantee that you will love making use of the app for all your selfie agendas.
This one is right. If you are having a problem about your selfies but got a medium type better phone an apps like camera 360 can help you to make your pictures perfect. Some adjustments with the picture that is built inside the applications and you will get the right filter you'll got.
You are boring when the default camera of your devices selfie too bad. Please refer to the following applications to choose a solution to have a wonderful selfie for your photos on both Android and iOS.

The first one is the B612, one of the selfie cameras that is quite popular in today's selfie applications. The strength of this software is that it's easy to use, capable of capturing 5 skin-beauty and special modes that can turn your V-line face to dashing.

B612 download link for Android
B612 download link for iOS

Top selfie apps for iOS and Android 1.png

Next to Snow, a popular Selfie application is popular with young people because there are many fun stickers with unique effects such as facial expressions, facial expressions.

Snow download link for Android
Snow download link for iOS

Top selfie apps for iOS and Android 2.png

3rd place is BeautyPlus, this is my selfie camera, which is pretty good value apart from the interesting stickers along with the application's erase mode, which will be very useful for those who like to delete the fonts. My phone does not support it.

BeautyPlus download link for Android
BeautyPlus download link for iOS

Top selfie apps for iOS and Android 3.png

Photo Wonder
This is a more powerful image editing application but with the features it offers such as facial beauty, tapering, beautiful skin or making your lips look better, Photo Wonder is worth your while. download on your phone.

Download Photo Wonder for Android
Download Photo Wonder for iOS

Top selfie apps for iOS and Android 4.png

With these 4 cool selfie apps you can create more creative photos for you or with your friends..
Hope that helps!
I am needing to use selfie apps for iOS and Android smartphones. Can you guys recommend me some top apps?

I'm not really into selfie that's why I am not familiar to any selfie apps and I don't download selfies apps but I did some research about selfie applications and I found this video that has a list of top selfie apps last year. I hope this could help you find the best app for you.

I recommend the Beautyplus app. It has lot of feature you can use for editing your photo. I like it so much because it looks so natural. And it is easy to use as well. Very user friendly app. You should give it a try.


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I use Iphone, so i can recommend you MSQRD. It's an application that is based on 3D tracking technology which allows it to detect your face and match different masks on you. It's cool and you can have a lot of fun. Here is an exemple:


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Snapchat is great for selfies! The filters are always fun, they warp your face into bizarre shapes, add backgrounds, create animal masks, all sorts! And they change each day so theres always cool new ones to choose from. Theres a whole load of cool customisation options after you take the photo too. You can add all sorts of stickers, text, filters, even geographical locations to your photo. I'm not really big on selfies but when I do take them I generally use Snapchat.
You should try "Bestie" app. That's the app I still have until today. From this app you can edit your photo for as much as you like.
You don't feel good about your photo all time and sometimes a pimple can make it worst. By the help of this app you can away from it in an instant as well as getting away shiny faces. You can slim your already beautiful face and you can enhance your nose too. It's not the best but that's the one that I like. Try it and love the photos that you hate.
I recommend that you use Beauty Plus or Make up plus selfie apps. These apps help you to look great even if you really look haggard. It retouches your face and removes pimple marks and dark spots. If you like cute filters you can use Snow or Snapchat.


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My recommendation would most definitely be either one of these, since they are all high quality and they serve the purpose.


They are all universal and you can download them no matter which OS you are using. I would go into more details but i'm not sure what exactly are you looking for in these apps, since you didn't give us enough information about your preferences. Let us know and i will do some extensive research, no problem. :)
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