Nokia Lumia Series vs Android Phones

I just bought a Nokia Lumia 630 as an extra phone. And so far, I am satisfied with its performance. Does anyone here on this forum has some review on Microsoft supported Nokia Lumia phones compared to android phones? Which phone is much more reliable when it comes to internet browsing, running of apps, availability of downloadable applications and games, etc.?
Been using Microsoft phones ever since they released the oldest model Lumia 710. I now have the Lumia 650 dual sim version. But, even after bieng loyal to lumia for years I personally dislike it very much. It has a very low amount of apps available. Many developers have actually given up supporting apps on this platform because of its low popularity and the apps that do exist are not optimized properly. Compare this to the vast amount of apps on android and you have a sad state of the windows store.

The phone performs well for the most part but some apps crash very often and I have to restart the phone for it to work. Never had that problem with any androids when I used my brothers phone.

It looks nice and the homescreen is unique but that's actually all that is good about it. Can't really do much customizing to the phone either. For example, adding a new background to the keyboard is not possible, cant add animated backgrounds to homescreen etc. Android phones can do this easily.

Of course, if you are satisfied with the phone then its all good.

Its sad but I am going to switch to Android in a few weeks time now.
Nokia really was famous back then but I guess Nokia can't keep up to the fast evolving technology that's why they were left behind. Actually they were doing alright this past 2 years and I believe they are trying to develop an operating system that can support both Windows and Android like what blackberry is doing right now. Well, I only hope for their success to become number one again.


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I have been using Nokia Lumia 735 since it came out. It has never lagged, shutdown without a reason, literally not even one problems with it, still as fast as when i bought it. Only issue is that it is Windows which basically leaves me with no apps, no possibility of downloading anything cool or useful. I would strongly advise you to go with Android if want the apps. If you absolutely don't care about them, stick with Lumia, it's a great phone. Cheers :)
Good to hear positive feedbacks on Lumia phones. :)
I've already purchased a Lumia 630 yesterday, and I am satisfied with its performance so far. I can say that I got the value for my money. :)


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It's a beautiful phone. Like i said above, if you don't care that much about apps, you will be more than satisfied. If you need any tips and tricks regarding the phone let me know. I consider myself a veteran when it comes to Windows phones :D
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Awesome. What kind of tricks and tips you can give me to have a better experience in using a Lumia phone? I'm looking forward to discover new stuffs on my new phone.;)


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Well, first and the most obvious is the customization of the phone background. You can arrange the icons by holding them and then selecting the option, either to remove them, resize or re-position. Then when you enter the settings > personalization you can choose different colors of your icons and you can even make them transparent, so that they actually form an image that you chose.
Just a little tip to save the battery. Always after you are finished with an app, hold the bottom left button, the arrow button, then swipe down all the apps that you aren't using. They tend to drain your battery by a lot :)


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Yeah, exactly like Alt + Tab, it's really fast and really fun to use. The animations are really smooth and it just looks cool and it makes you feel that way also :D
There is a lot of very cool features, let me know what exactly are you interested in and i will share my knowledge. Don't really know where to start without you asking :D
Nokia Lumia's OS was a great operating system back in from 2012 to 2014 then after that Android started growing up more and more and then no one wanted a Lumia anymore. I remember having a Lumia (I think it was a Nokia Lumia 610) in 2013, it was a bit old at that time, but it was smooth like butter with only having 256 mb ram, except the games were freezing and so not all were playable. The Nokia Store by the way was always kind of terrible because it had less apps compared to other mobile OSes, it had less quantity of free apps, and popular ones having less features compared to Android and iOS. In 2018 Windows Phone is basically dead, but it will always be remembered as a cool phone.


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In the time when I was a kid, Nokia phones were what an iPhone is today.
Everybody remembers Nokia 3310.Durable, good, solid, tough as a rock.
Nowadays I think Nokia is really struggling to do good since the time of durable, strong phones, with no apps has passed and the need for technologically advance phones is not a match for them, in my opinion.
Android is beating them big time with a huge platform, develop friendly devices, wider specter of apps and possibilities to customize the phone the way you want it and I would go with any Android phone against any Nokia phone.
Except, Nokia 3310 :LOL:
I once used the Nokia brand but then when android phones came out the market, I can say that they are more useful than that of Nokia. It has a lot of functions and features that if you are not aware you may be left out of trends.
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