Hello everyone!

Hi guys I'm Charmie, I've been using Samsung Android phone for a long time now, I'm not gonna lie my phone lags a lot and shuts down when i'm using my data connection already that's why I'm now planning to replace it with a new one, I would be glad to hear any suggestions from you guys... Good day everyone!


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Greetings Charmie, welcome to the forum :)
How is it going, how was your day?

Let's get to your issue right away. I've also had Android and yes, it is bound to lag sooner than later, i know your pain. The phone you are looking for has got to be iPhone. They are famous for not lagging, operating at the speed of light and they are also pretty aesthetic, to make things even better. Now when it comes to the exact model of the phone, you have to give me some more information. How much are you willing to invest in a phone? :)


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Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome, I'm sorry but I'm not an avid fan of iPhones, although I have an iPad mini which I gave to my youngest to play with. I'm not that tech savvy who tries all the latest gadgets that comes out to the market. That's why I got stuck with Samsung. Not gonna lie, but sometimes I get afraid of using phones that I am not used to. But I know that I also have to move on and try it anytime soon, maybe I'll try the older versions first.
Good day and welcome to the forum sir/ma'am @charmie :).

A lot of factors can cause a smartphone to slow down. One main reason is when the phone is getting old. Haven't we noticed that when we unbox our phone and boot it for the first time and try running several bloatware apps, we can see that the response time of the phone is very quick. But when a smartphone had accumulated several years of service, we may notice from slight to worse tardiness in terms of response. This is simply because we tend to install different kinds of applications that congest the caching of CPU and RAM over time. One solution that I can advice is that we see to it that we decongest the cache and internal storage of our phone regularly to prevent slow processing. We can use the internal settings of our system to clear and uninstall unused applications that's using our RAM's processing power. There are also 3rd party applications available to download but this is just optional and depends on the users discretion.
Regarding on your plan to acquire a new phone, I think this is the best time to invest on a smartphone. There are several smartphones that are newly released on the market in just a quarter of this year.

My advice for you when choosing a smartphone is that you first check whether the phone has an after-market-solutions. Meaning that it has an Over The Air (OTA) update available. A good smartphone company actively sends over the air updates to provide support for our phones for stability and user friendliness. It signifies that they are listening to their customers and providing support as much as possible.

Another thing to make sure is that the phone has several service centers offered. This is the most vital part in buying a smartphone when the service centers are very limited that we need to wait for an eternity before our phones can be repaired or be replaced once something bad happened on our phone. So making sure that the store where we buy our smartphones are offering a great options for service centers is a great advantage. In fact, this is the first thing that customers are asking everytime they are buying a smartphone.

When we choose a contract based application for smartphone it is vital that we must have the "user option" for upgrade. Meaning that when we decide to upgrade or switch from our previous phone to the newly released phones, then the option must be available.
Hey, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here and I'm sure you'll find us a warm, helpful bunch.

Hmm, if you're looking for long-term stability but don't need to have market-leading specs, I'd recommend an Android phone that is as close to stock as possible. This is because you're more likely to receive the latest Google updates (i.e. be supported by the manufacturer for a long time), ensuring your phone can be used for years on end. Other features to look out for are replaceable batteries (since battery degradation is a very real thing - just look at Apple!) and build quality if you drop your phone a bit.
  • 1520227374704.png Google Pixel or Nexus - Obviously, Google's own offerings will be the closest to the stock experience. Since you don't need the latest tech and I'm a little sceptical of the durability of new models, I would suggest going for the original Pixel, which is light, minimalistic yet very fast and solidly-built. The Pixel is also fantastic if you like taking photos, if you're an avid Google user or if you like pretty cases!

    You could also go for a Nexus, ideally 5, 6 or 6P. They're older but feel more solid and are pretty powerful. Figuring out who made what can be a little confusing, so I recommend checking out Wikipedia if you're interested

  • 1520227466918.png OnePlus One or Three - The One might feel a little outdated (e.g. 1080p screen) but it has definitely stood the test of time. Many customers report that it functions pretty well, even though OP is onto its 'fifth' generation!

    Alternatively, you could get an OP3, which is the oldest model OP is currently selling. It's very light, sleek and bloat-free. Similar to Google, you have all the freedom you might want with customising (or not customising) your phone experience

  • 1520227508839.png Essential phone - This is definitely a bit of a gamble but considering it isn't identical to all the other flagships, it might be up your alley. In particular, it comes with stock Android - not surprising since it's developed by one of the founders of Android - and it's modularity should mean increased longevity and manufacturer support

    Just don't buy it from T-Mobile ;)

  • Other brands to consider: Sony, ZTE, Nokia (the king of durable phones), Motorola. Note that the phone doesn't need to have a replaceable battery since you can take it to a store and have a professional replace it for you every few years. Additionally, if a phone doesn't come with stock Android, you can install a bootloader (if you're willing to go into that) to ensure long-term support since the developer will likely support it for longer than the manufacturer.
Also, where did you buy your phone? Is it linked to a carrier? I'd suggest looking into phone trade-ins to see if you can save some money. You might be limited only to Samsung phones, but it really depends on where you bought your phone. Best Buy, T-Mobile and Tesco are some companies that offer trade-ins.

Once you've figured out what phone you want, I highly encourage you to consider a secondhand phone. Swappa has good return policies and tends to be a little cheaper (maybe 5-10%) than retail price. It seems a little safer than eBay, though since you're not looking for the latest model, eBay isn't a bad place to look. Just make sure your purchase is covered by their buyer's protection!

Perhaps the safest option, however, is to buy a certified refurbished phone from Amazon. This works especially well when looking for older models and you can rest assured that the phone is almost like brand new - the only real difference is that it probably won't come in a branded box! If you're not buying from the phone manufacturer's Amazon account, do make sure there's a money back guarantee before making a purchase.

Alternatively, you can always sell your current phone to save some money or pass it down to a relative if you're feeling generous. :)
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a pretty good phone. My friend uses it. It hasn't started lagging for him so far. He also uses an iPhone 6 so if he liked it then you can be pretty sure that it's a good phone.

If you want better suggestions then please tell us what you are looking for in a phone. Some people look at price, some need features etc.
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