How to protect your privacy on Android?

Can you tell me the way how to to protect your privacy on Android? I don't want to lock my smartphone with a password or fingerprint, instead of that it is possible to lock apps? any ideas?


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@Helen, you probably do not like locking your smartphone as it's inconvenient to enter passwords every time, I would recommend you an app, it is App Lock, with this app you can protect your privacy by locking down individual applications. Moreover, the application also has the option of creating a secure handwriting template, enhancing the security of any application you want. The installation and use is very simple.

Step 1: Connect your Android device to the Internet over Wi-Fi or 3G. Now look for Google Play icon on your device, and launch this app. When the application finishes loading, you type in the search field, app name "App Lock". In the list of applications that appear, select the correct application name and install it.


Type "app lock" in the search box, appearing app suggestions in Android Market.

Step 2: Launch the application after the installation is complete. When launched for the first time, the application offers the option to set passwords and security questions for all applications available on Android devices.


App Screen when App Lock is first activated.

Step 3: After setting the password and security question, App Lock's main interface appears on your smartphone (by default all applications on Android devices are not protected by the app. You just specify which application will be protected.


Choose which apps you want to protect with App Lock.

Step 4: This is also the highlight of this app, setting up self-protection for the app itself, preventing anyone from deliberately removing App Lock app from the Android system.


Set up App Lock to protect itself.

Step 5: Also, you can select Unlock Setting, for more secure application options with a hand-drawn pattern. If selected, Unlock Setting will appear as shown below and choose Pattern Lock, to set the hand pattern.



Enhanced security with hand-drawn templates.

Here the setup is complete, exit the application and see the result.


The system requires a password every time someone launches a protected application.


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Can you tell me the way how to to protect your privacy on Android? I don't want to lock my smartphone with a password or fingerprint, instead of that it is possible to lock apps? any ideas?
If you don't want a third party app controlling your privacy protection you can try using some features that is already available on your smartphone. For instance in browsing, if you are using a samsung phone you can try using the samsung browser and enable the secret mode. This will prevent personal information to be open or accessed while using the browser, this feature also does not allow the history of browsing to be saved on your smartphone.

Also if you want a little more protection on you can use the the Smart Lock feature, this allows the phone to be locked until your voice is recognized, or your phone is in a trusted location, and even with body detection.

In terms of application locking, temporary disabling on some pre-installed apps can help you protect the files integrated to it.

In SAMSUNG S7 the app lock option is already included on its security features. You can use this feature for your privacy protection.

I hope this helps:coffee:!
Rodney Olson
What is Samsung browser? and how to enable the secret mode?
I would like to check this feature and applying it for my smartphone if possible.


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Hi @Rodney Olson , Samsung browser is a pre-installed browsing app that is supported by samsung.



You can enable the Secret Mode by starting the browser and clicking on the tabs icon.


After wards click on the secret mode option on the bottom left of the screen.


I used this method on my Samsung J5. This might not be the same method on other Samsung smartphones, but i know for sure that the feature is available on other Samsung units.

I hope this helps:coffee:!


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I make use of privacy app downloaded from Google play store. It can hide all almost everything you wish to keep private for your accessing alone. It can even hide some applications as well as pictures and text messages. It helps me to hold grip on my privacy with my android device. Try it out and I'm sure it's going to offer you the same security it offered me.
I know where you are coming from. It is annoying to always unlock your smartphone everytime you will open it. But can't off it for it is my only security. But I know there are apps that can lock your smartphone apps. I tried it before and it is working. There are 2 types of lock apps. One that lock every apps you have and the second one is that you can choose individually what apps you want to lock.
Yes there are certain apps that can lock other apps. I think you can find some in App Store. For me, I got it together with my battery saver app. I forgotten what app it is. I think it is DU battery Saver.


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In LG G3 it was a guest module where you could set which application was available for a random person who tries to access your phone, the photo gallery could be visible or not or just a limited number of pics chosen by you and so on. Otherwise fingerprints and password looks like the only way to secure your private data.

Hello ! There are a lot of apps available in playstore so suit your need. Some apps that i would recommend are Applock and Android safe. Applock lets you lock the apps you want to be private, while Android safe hides photos and videos. The best thing about Android safe is that you can hide the icon from your device homescreen. You can access it by tying your desired code in your dialer. 100% safe and completely private.
Some advice that i would give you is that:
1. Use "incognito mode" - lets you surf the web without the hassle of deleting history afterwards :ROFLMAO:.
2. Make sure your connection is secured - always check the address bar of the browser if it is "https://" . Because that means that the line is secured.
3. Do not download from untrusted sites - Only download files on right platforms. You might download virus, or phishing app if you arenot careful.
Thats all. :cool::cool::cool:
Well, there are lots of apps available on google playstore which provide your smartphone with a certain security. You can try using CM Security but if the app you need is something that locks and provide privacy for your phone's selected installed apps, then AppLock is best for you. It also provides you with options to hide your pictures or videos. It has also a fingerprint security option which makes it able to assure your smartphone with excellent security


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