5 best wallpapers apps for iOS


Feb 19, 2013
Do you like the Home screen on your iPhone to be new and unique with strange and eye-catching unique wallpapers? I will introduce you to 5 best wallpapers apps for iOS!

1. Unsplash
Unsplash gathers a lot of themed wallpapers: people, nature, things, landmarks,...with free, high-quality images from photographers of different sizes. One plus point is that Unplash allows users to find keywords very easily and save them quickly and easily. You can download the Unsplash application here.


2. Vellum
Vellum gives users a collection of attractive, graphics, more graphic backgrounds than Unsplash. Also, Vellum also supports preview wallpaper when installing so that users do not have to save work on the device and try. You can download Vellum application here.

Vellum Wallpapers.jpg

3. Everpix
Everpix "scores" with an easy-to-use interface, display full screen for users to view and save to the device without calibration, cropping, especially suited to the ratio of iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. However, you have to pay to cancel advertising and can save all wallpapers on the app (some images are required to pay Premium). You can download the Everpix app here.


4. Live Wallpaper for me
Live Wallpaper For Me provides many interesting iOS animation collections, high-quality graphics, many themes, including 4K quality support. However, it takes you a fee to save all the animations in this application. You can download the Live Wallpaper For Me application here.

Live Wallpaper For Me.jpg

5. Magic screen
The unique feature of Magic Screen is that it allows users to design favorite wallpapers, supports 120 different fonts, can choose some images available on the application to write and insert words, create GIF images for images. Dynamic background. You can download the Magic Screen application here.

Magic Screen Customize Your Lock & Home Wallpaper.jpg

Above are five best wallpapers apps for iOS that I suggest to you. Be creative and share the unique "wallpapers" with your personality under the comment box for everyone to admire!


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Oct 25, 2018
Do all or some of them make updates? Because most wallpaper apps I download are just a gallery of the same wallpapers, there's never something new. I just end up uninstalling every wallpaper app when I get bored of its gallery, and download another wallpaper app to find a new background. Would be great if I could just have 1 app that constantly updates its content, or maybe once every so often.
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