Huawei Q2 Wireless Router Set - World's 1st Hybrid Home PLC/WiFi System


Aug 3, 2018
The Huawei Q2 wireless router set lets users pair a base station with up to 16 satellites to widen the coverage of a WiFi network in a home environment. The system also has a capable hardware to deliver a hybrid connection of as high as 1867Mbps by bonding the speed of PLC (Power Line Communication) and mesh WiFi.

Product Features:
● Superior Hybrid Technology Keeps You Fast
Huawei's hybrid technology fuses gigabit PLC and 5GHz 867Mbps Mesh WiFi connectivity. The Q2 ensures not only whole homw WiFi coverage, but also the fastest speeds for every and any WiFi device.

● Full Mesh Technology Guarantees The Fast WiFi
Knows the signal strength between each unit in your home and calculates the best path from your device to the internet, to give you the best experience.

● True Plug and Play, Setup Simplified
You just need to configure the first unit, and then plug in another two units wherever you desire.

● One WiFi Network For All Your Needs
2.4G SSID? 5G SSID? No need to remember that from now on! Enjoy the convenience of having one WiFi network for your entire home. Move and watch your favourite shows seamlessly, from your bedroom to the kitchen and the backyard.

● Automatically Optimises
Q2 automatically and dynamically optimises your WiFi connections without you even knowing, giving you the fastest and most stable speeds.

● Wired Compatibility for Even More Extreme Speeds
Connect your Q2 unit with an Ethernet cable for even faster speeds and better coverage.

● Self-learning Network Improving All The Time
System learns and adapts to the changing WiFi environment, automatically optimising your WiFi channel to improve your home WiFi quality.

● One App for Easier Management
With the Huawei Smart Home App, you can see what happens, set speed limits, allow guest connections, set WiFi timing, pause connectivity on your kids' devices, and more.

● Designed for Your Home
No more fitting boxes into circles, Q2 system is masterfully designed as a centrepiece or to seamlessly blend into your home decor.

Huawei WiFi Q2 set ensures powerful WiFi in every corner of your home, including the backyard. No more dead spots, slow spots, drop-offs, or even buffering. Move from downstairs to upstairs, indoors to outdoors, everywhere seamlessly with a smooth WiFi connection. Buy it from GearVita, you will get a mother router and a child router:

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