Huawei Myna AI Smart Speaker - A Wisdom Steward of Professional Tuning


Aug 3, 2018
The Huawei Myna AI smart speaker uses Danish speaker company Dynaudio audio technology, paired with Huawei Histen algorithm, which can be found on Huawei phones. The 2.25 inch high-fidelity, 10W speaker has six microphones and voiceprint recognition to distinguish different family members voices.

Product Features:
● Dynaudio Sound Quality
Hand in hand with Dynaudio joint tuning, unique Dynaudio concept concept speaker, superimposed Huawei Histen algorithm, high pitch clear, bass vigorous, true restore the sound, bring you the feeling of listening like a concert.

● Schedule Steward, Intimate Service
As your schedule steward, Xiaoyi has the functions of meeting time reminder, life memo, travel shopping list, etc., and can help you synchronize to the mobile phone schedule, provides personal intimate service.

● A Conversation, Liberates Hands
It is a speaker, also a smart phone. You can pick up and dial the phone through Xiaoyi or talk directly to your friends and relatives' Xiaoyi speakers. While chatting with friends and relatives, continue to focus on the tasks on hands and release your hands completely.

● Your Life Up to You
Easy to turn on and off the light, adjust brightness and air conditioning temperature, customize go home/read/sleep/away home modes, and control a variety of home appliances in one sentence.

● Massive Home Appliances, Follow Your Sound
Xiaoyi can regulate a large number of household appliances, from big air conditioners and purifiers, to small sockets and drying racks, all of which can be adjusted in response to the sound.

● Capture Your Voice without Fear of Interference
Six annular microphones, advanced anti-jamming algorithm, full-scale capture of sound within five meters, even in the noisy environment, Xiaoyi can respond sensitively to the instructions you send.

● Smart Encyclopedia, Versatile
Xiaoyi has a lot of skills, from searching maps, learning English, to talk shows, telling children's stories, to enrich your listening content.

● AI Life, Know What You Think
Xiaoyi can set the answer to your questions and home linkage according to your preferences. Every instruction that you send out, Xiaoyi answers, is what you think.

● As Intimate As A Loved One
Just like a family, Xiaoyi cares about your life in an all-round way: wake you up in the morning, remind you of the weather, and kindly advise you to dress appropriately. Before you go out, helps you broadcast traffic information, avoid congested roads in advance.

● Smart Speaker, Also Bluetooth Speaker
You can tell Xiaoyi the songs you wants to listen to, can also play music through the speaker APP. You can easily connect to Bluetooth and play music from your mobile phone, pad, and computer with the phrase "Xiaoyi, Open Bluetooth".

The Huawei Myna with simple design, dexterous shape, exquisite fabric, and more powerful dustproof. Whether the nebula white or space black on GearVita, both can be easily integrated into the home environment:

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