There are speculations that smartphones can give you health issues. What do you think about this?


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It was all over the news that using smartphones can give us health problems :confused:. What? Now that is scary...
Here's the thing about smartphones, it emits radio frequency energy or radio waves. Radio frequency is a form of electromagnetic radiation, the word radiation by itself cause alarm. Yup the green stuff... the thing with the Ninja Turtles...:eek:. Not really:p.

Although radiation is emitted on smartphones it is in a very low range that it is considered to be on a safe line. This electromagnetic radiation is also available in other devices like x-ray, microwave ovens, TV's, and even your WIFI. And..... we live in a Radio active world :alien:.
Now, there is no study yet that proves using smartphones can be a health risk. So, it will be the same thing...use my smartphone everyday in my radioactive world:p.

What do you think about this?:unsure:
I think it will become a risk to your health if used unproperly especially to the eyes. It can cause blurry vision because of the overexposure to radiation and light itself.
Here's the thing about smartphones, it emits radio frequency energy or radio waves. Radio frequency is a form of electromagnetic radiation, the word radiation by itself cause alarm. Yup the green stuff... the thing with the Ninja Turtles...:eek:. Not really:p.
Honestly I heard about radio waves or waves that smartphones can affect to our health but I really don't believe in that. I am curious if there is a video or a research bout this problem that showing it is true.
To add, it appears that children's brains are more vulnerable. Their skulls are thinner than adults. So, it's easier for the radiation to get through. Radiation also damages our eyes. The reason why most people who use their phones on a regular basis are near-sighted. According to studies, when using our phones we need to be at least 9 inches away from the phone, but how? We need to simply use an earpiece. It's also best to take a break from using our phones every 20 minutes. Phones also change our posture in a bad way. When we use our phones we usually drop down our heads. Now, dropping our heads for a very long time bring us neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain and can actually damage our spine. It is advised to do some exercises for those parts like planking.
I definitely think that there is an effect on the human body with all the radiation we get from gadgets and appliances. There was an article I read from a while back about an experiment conducted by students. they planted garden Cress seeds on 2 different rooms. One having a router and the none on the other one. the Cress seeds placed near the routers either hasn't grown or were completely dead, while seeds on the radiation free room blossomed into healthy plants. With this experiment, It is clear that there is a side effect from the radiations we get from gadgets and appliances.
Yes, totally agree! Especially todays smartphones are now very dangerous to the heath of individual. These smartphones run by this what we called the Radio Active ''Radiation'' in which according to studies and experts it could really damage cells of killed our cells especially in our brain. It can cause huge effect in our brain. I saw some of the visual studies on how this radiation affect cells in our body. And also to our children, because of this technology innovation, our children learned these things at their very young age wherein they forlorn their food and abuse their time in using these smartphones.
Technological breakthroughs does have its downsides and i agree that medical studies suggests that there's a risk that frequent use of smartphones may contribute in the development of a variety of diseases. And that infants are more at risk and susceptible to be afflicted by radiation.

The government and science community and smartphone manufactures should therefore address this problem ASAP. I believe that this problem can be solved technologically. Pure logic dictates that if you have the technology to create a smartphone then it is easier to create a technology or find ways of making your creation safe. Right?
I think radiation do have an effect regarding health issues, but for me it is not the main reason and cause of almost all the health problems people encounter when using smartphones. People who use their smartphones or gadgets in excessive way like consuming the whole day in front of their gadgets are more vulnerable to health issues. Even if the radiation do not affect them, laying down or just sitting down the whole day will do have side effects in the long run.
We can't deny the fact that due to fast growing improvement to sustain our everyday life and to make the life of the human comfortable technology is still in the process of innovation and researching and making new equipment or gadget and one of this is the Smartphone. There is a lot of new and well improved smartphone nowadays so in your question if the smart phones using can give you a health issues the answer probably is YES, but there is a certainty to it. There is always limitation in everything , they have their advantages and disadvantage however one of the well known effect of smartphones to human was the radiation being emitted thru it. But the effect will be depending on the rate and time of exposure on this radiation. YES we can't take out the radiation being emits by this gadgets that may cause to deterioration of our nerve cells and increase the chance of making the cancer cells active.

For example if we are using our smartphone for a long time looking down on it without anything such as looking to in on a wrong posture, It affect our upper bodies especially the neck. But if we stop for a while and take some rest and do some exercise this injury can be prevented.

Secondly is the emission of radiation thru it. If we are using or make ourselves exposed to the radiation emits by theses gadgets then there was a time that our body will slowly slowly become weaker. That is why experts always say that there is a proper time or what is the maximum allowable time and radiation amount that the body can handle.

Lastly, There is always something bad happens when you use one thing in a wrong manner, since smartphones is already there the proper usage to it was under our hands and is in our control. Still watch your health exercise and use the gadgets in a good way. Hope it helps you. Thank you :)
On a number of occasions, I heard from the news on television that there really is this radiation coming from cellphones although it is quite minimal. However although it is quite small, constant exposure to it may result to bad effects on one's health. But since we just cannot do away with these gadgets also as they're very essential to our day to day living, being able to connect with our love ones, friends, etc., being cautious is also advised to be able to shy away from the harmful effects. One of the ways is not to have the phone close to ones body all the time especially there are those who sleep with their cellphones beside them. It should be keep at distance by placing it on the table for example.


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Well, everything that you listed is most definitely true. But i, personally don't think that it is that harmful. I mean, almost everyone has had a phone for the last decade or so. And still, kids are born healthy, we still have super athletes, genius kids, inventors. It's not like those radio waves are doing any damage. At least now for now.
I think that the amount of gadgets that emits radiation had increased for the past few years and if this continues, maybe it can really pose health issues related to overexposure to radiation.
The only thing we can do as users, is be cautious of the possible harmful effects that smartphones can bring to us. Another issue that might contribute to health risk is the frequency and duration of usage of the smartphones. The more frequent and/or longer we use smartphones, the higher our exposure to the radiation.
Maybe the government should also take this into consideration and conduct a thorough investigation about the issue.


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I like where you are going with that statement, but unfortunately, the things are a little bit different. Sadly, profit of the companies is more important than the health of the people. Politics aside, like i said, i don't think it's dangerous YET. Considering how fast technology and science are improving i think we are going to be just fine in the future and the radio waves won't be our biggest problem...
From an article I've found from the WHO website (see below), further research is needed to prove that radio frequencies can increase the risk of brain cancer. For me, anything in excess is bad so I try to limit the use of my phone to 1 hour intervals with long breaks in between. Furthermore, I place my phone far away from my bed when I go to sleep at night.
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