5 smartphones with unique design in 2018

Feb 9, 2018
Find X, Galaxy A8s or Royole FlexPai ... with strange designs, can shape universal smartphone design in the future.

Royale FlexPai

Not Samsung as predicted by analysts, the new brand from China named Royale is the first manufacturer to show the smartphone has a folding screen made in half. Flexi is equipped with a 7.8-inch AMOLED screen, equivalent to a small tablet. A unique feature is that there is a hinged hinge in the middle of the screen so that when needed, the foldable machine can shrink into a 4-inch smartphone. This mechanism can withstand 200,000 folds. Devices that use Android 9 use Qualcomm chips and cost up to $ 1,300 are marketed since December.

5 smartphones with unique design in 2018 1.png

Oppo Find X

Launched between 2018, Find X when it was the world's thinnest screen smartphone with the percentage of display accounted for 93.8% of the front, much higher than iPhone XS and Galaxy Note9 (82 - 85%). The product does not use rabbit ears screen design which is a trend that has a sliding camera hidden in the body to create the thinnest border screen possible. After the appearance of Find X, the wave of smartphone-using sliding mechanism appeared more and more from China ... Big screen but the overall size is compact enough to hold hands, not sacrificing part Defect in the screen ... is a highly appreciated point in this design.

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ZTE Nubia X

2018 is the race for smartphone design ideas among Chinese manufacturers. They continuously offer new designs to create phones with large screens but still compact. Beside the folded screen or sliding body, another unique idea is to use two screens on both sides like Nubia X.

Nubia X has a Full HD + front screen of up to 6.26 inches, without a front camera. Instead, if you want to take a selfie or video conversation, users use the rear camera with a 5.1-inch sub-screen and HD+ resolution.

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Asus ROG Phone

If the three smartphones above are designed to be minimalist, ROG Phone is the opposite, being made pits and attaching many accessories to make the design change a lot. For example, it could become a handheld game like a Nintendo Switch with a set of keys on the top and tail, or a two-screen game console when attaching a cover for ROG Phone. With a special dock connection, Asus smartphones can become a real gaming computer.

Asus ROG Phone is equipped with steam chamber radiator and AMOLED screen 90Hz scanning frequency, which is not available on regular smartphones. This model was studied for two years before it was released.

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Samsung Galaxy A8s

Design of Infinity Display screen with thin, curved sides brings success for Samsung in the last two years, but until 2018, it quickly suffers from "rabbit ears" trend, and the screen slips far away from the display rate. The Korean manufacturer was also outmatched in the folding phone race. However, they still keep up with the new screen design Infinity-O on Galaxy A8s before the end of 2018. The product may also be the screen design of high-end smartphone Galaxy S10 or Note10 launched next time.

5 smartphones with unique design in 2018 5.png

Galaxy A8s uses 6.4 inch LCD panel, Full HD + resolution of 19.5: 9. The screen only has a small hole, enough for a 24-megapixel selfie camera, making the screen edge significantly thinner. Galaxy A8s is also equipped with camera system with three lenses, not the dual camera as on many previous generation Galaxy smartphones.


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Oct 25, 2018
Woah, the Royale sure looks awesome. I'm actually curious how foldable phones work. Can they still break if you drop them on the floor (hard enough)? And you say it can whitstand 200.000 folds. Do you mean I can bend it that many times in one go until it breaks or that many times within its lifespan?
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