Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earphones - AI Antenna for Stable Signal, Binaural Call


Aug 3, 2018
Lenovo Air earphones have three main features: stable signal, excellent sound quality and long standby time. It uses a BES 2000IZ AI chipset that works with the AI smart antenna to provide more stable signals on a long distance while also supporting binaural calls. In addition, it is equipped with a 6mm graphene sound unit to restore high quality sound. It supports IPX5 waterproof and comes with a 400mAh charging dock, which can provide a 10 hours music time.

Product Features:
● BES IZ 2000 AI chipset provides a superior performance on a long distance, it supports high-quality music transmission and low power consumption, further enhancing the endurance.
● 6mm graphere dynamic unit acoustic design is used to accurately analyze the details of low, medium and high frequency.
● Professional acoustic team debugging, EQ tone color is moderate, excellent resolution, making music background and vocal positioning more accurate.
● Adopt Bluetooth 4.2, fast and stable connection with phones within 10m.
● Make full use of the internal space of the headphones, small and round, comfortable in the ear.
● Fits the shape of the human ear, 30 degrees into the ear, does not rise for a long time.
● The magnetic charging compartment design is adopted to realize automatic switching, alloy material anti-pressure anti-drop.
● One button operation, easy to use.
● The earphone dock is designed for storage and charging, after the first pairing is successful, the earphone is automatically connected to the paired device, and automatically charged when it is inserted into the box.
● Can be used in both ears or in one ear, even if the two are worn separately, the music is still shared synachronously.
● With a variety of ear caps to adapt to different ear canals.
● IPX5 waterproof design brings high quality music and call experience regardless of the sweaty high intensity exercise or the drizzle travel.

Traditional headphones use single-ear calls, while Lenovo Air on GearVita uses double-ear calls. Its built-in BES IZ 2000 AI chipset and AI smart antenna design can make the voice of the call very clear, non-drifting is one of its highlights. At the same time, the signal is stronger, the connection is more stable, the delay of the call is reduced, and the quality and efficiency of the call are greatly improved. Wearing it while driving makes it easier for you to talk, not to spend more energy on answering and talking, and to focus you on driving, making it safer: https://gearvita.com/lenovo-air-tws-bluetooth-earphones.html

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