1. Jedi Knight Muse

    5 smartphones with unique design in 2018

    Find X, Galaxy A8s or Royole FlexPai ... with strange designs, can shape universal smartphone design in the future. Royale FlexPai Not Samsung as predicted by analysts, the new brand from China named Royale is the first manufacturer to show the smartphone has a folding screen made in half...
  2. marciayudkin

    Top 5 Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life for 2018

    Smartphone battery life is always considered one of the most important factors besides the power configuration - because all of that speed will become meaningless if your smartphone does not have much vitality. And of course the market today is not lacking in devices with gigantic battery...
  3. HelenR

    Best Android smartphones 2018?

    Can you tell me what are the best Android smartphones in 2018? I would buy a good one if I see your reviews are true and I can have a fast and good Android smartphone. Apple's products will be out of choice in this case because I am prior to Androids smartphones, they are easy to use and I can...
  4. Rodney Olson

    Top 3 BEST Smartphone Cameras 2018?

    I did a research but I could not find out what are Top 3 BEST Smartphone Cameras for 2018. Do you have any recommendations for me?
  5. Alex_smith

    Best VR Headset 2018?

    Can you tell me what is the best The Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets of 2018? I am consider to choose one for gaming. Do you have any recommendations? I checked out some virtual reality headsets and platforms but could not figure out which is the best, if any can suggest me then it would be...
  6. HelenR

    How to make your iPhone run faster in 2018?

    I am using an iPhone and I installed pretty much games, apps and it is becoming more slow. Can you guys tell me the ways how to make my iPhone run faster? or at least improving its performance better?
  7. Alex_smith

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018?

    I don't see any buttons to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018. Can you guys tell me the way to do this?