How to make your iPhone run faster in 2018?

I am using an iPhone and I installed pretty much games, apps and it is becoming more slow. Can you guys tell me the ways how to make my iPhone run faster? or at least improving its performance better?


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Hey Helen, free up memory, turn off automatic updates, exit background applications or restarting the device, are simple ways to speed up your iPhone. Following these tips to make your iPhone run faster.

Clear the Safari cache

When surfing the web, the browser automatically saves buffer files to speed up downloads in subsequent hits. Over time, the number of files gets increased, causing memory loss and "clogging" the machine. Clearing the cache with browsing history, cookies and temporary files will increase some free memory.

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 1.png

To do this, go to Settings> Safari then scroll down and select Clear History and Website Data. A window will pop up asking the user to clear the cache.

Delete photos, videos

Camera is a feature used on the iPhone to record life in the moment, but this application also consumes memory faster. Deleting photos and videos is a quick and easy way to increase your device's free space and make it faster.

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 2.png

Note that when deleted, these files will be moved to the trash and will only be removed from the iPhone after 30 days. To manually delete the item, the user needs to go to the Recently Deleted folder to delete it again.

Remove software that is less used, takes up space

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 9.png

Sometimes iPhone users download applications that are not used or may be eventually. Deleting unnecessary software will help to extend the memory used for other needs. By holding on to the application icon, and then clicking on the X next to it, it will be removed from the device. Particular attention should be given to games such as Call of Duty or Asphalt 8, deleting them can help to increase the 1 GB of free memory.

For a more intuitive look, go to Settings> General> Storage & iCloud Usage> Manage Storage. The software in the iPhone will be listed by volume level for users to consider deleting.

Delete old messages

To delete an SMS conversation, slide your hand from left to right on the conversation and select Delete.

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 3.png

To delete private messages, tap on a message and select More, then mark the messages to delete and select the trash can icon in the left corner of the screen.

Do the same with other messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp or others.

Turn off background apps

When switching multitasking between software, most non-open applications will go into hibernation but some will still work. To stop completely, press the Home button three times in the multitasking management section and swipe up to turn off. You can also use your three fingers to operate faster.

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 4.png

Automatically turn off downloads

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 5.png

Removing the content automatically from iTunes will help users accelerate somewhat to the Device. It can be done by going to Settings> iTunes & App Store, then turning off the Music, Apps, Books and Updates.

Restart the device

Like a computer, the iPhone also needs to "rest" and reboot to run smoother and smoother. Hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until the slide shows to power off, then to the right to turn off the power. Re-enable the device for later use.

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 6.png

In addition, users can also simultaneously press the Home button and power button until the iPhone automatically shut down and restart.

Automatically turn off Wi-Fi access

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 8.png

Restricting your phone to connect on Wi-Fi network itself, you can improve the speed of their computers.

Go to Settings> Wi-Fi and turn on Ask to Join Networks.

Always update software

9 settings to make your iPhone run faster 7.png

Running the latest operating system and applications not only keeps the iPhone running smoothly, but it also improves security. To test, users go to Settings> General> Software Update; Also, upgrade your apps from the Updates section of the App Store.
Hi might help you a little :
##Go on settings->Safari->Clear History and Website Data
##Go on settings again -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Transparency
##Still here in general settings -> Acessibillity -> Reduce Motion -> Check the first option ( Reduce motion)
These are a few that could help you! To me they worked, I use an Iphone SE and now it's like new! Try them you don't have to lose!
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