What to do before you sell or give away your iPhone


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You should do some work to ensure no exposure or loss of personal information, and to facilitate new users. Here are the steps:

Data backup

This can be done through iCloud or using the iTunes software on your computer.

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Backup your data to iCloud.

With iCloud, users need to connect their iPhone to WiFi (which is required because the carrier does not support it). Next go to Settings> iCloud> Backup and make sure to turn on the iCloud Backup item.

Click Back Up Now and wait for the backup to complete.

To test, go to Settings> iCloud> Storage> Manage Storage and select the device. It will list the contents, the backups that were created mentioning the time.

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Backup your iPhone data to your computer.

Also use iTunes, connect iPhone to computer by cable. Save downloaded content from the iTunes Store or the App Store by going to File> Devices> Transfer Purchases. If you are using a Windows computer or cannot find this item, press the Alt key.

Next, go to File> Devices> Back up and wait for the backup to finish. Users can view the backed up file by visiting iTunes Preferences> Devices, device list and last backup time will be listed.

Disable iMessage, FaceTime

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Turn off iMessage, turn off FaceTime.

Actively stopping the free texting and calling service provided by Apple will help prevent you from sending SMS. With iMessage, go to Settings> Messages>iMessage and switch to Off. Similar to FaceTime, go to Settings> FaceTime and turn off this item.

Exit iCloud, Find my iPhone, Apple ID

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Exit accounts connected to iPhone.

Go to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone and turn off this item. The Apple ID is required. Get back out, pressing the Sign Out button at the bottom of the page, confirm and choose to delete the documents on the phone.

Go to Settings> iTunes & App Store. Select the Apple ID line and press the Sign Out button.

Delete all data on the device

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Delete the data on the iPhone and do not forget to remove the sim before exchanging the phone.

To get iPhone into factory state, go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings. The device will ask for the password, enter and confirm the deletion of information on the device.

Note: Before selling, exchanging iPhone, do not forget to remove the sim.
The best thing to do before selling nor giving away your iPhone to anyone else is of course to make sure that you have already deleted your personal files most specially your contacts and your pictures nor videos. You must also secure your sim card/s that is inserted on it as well as your SD Card. You can actually erase all data on your phone just by simply going to settings look for back up and reset; then, click factory data reset; after doing this press reset phone; confirm your pin then lastly press erase everything. See to it also that after you reset your phone those files which you have backed up will also be removed from your phone before giving it away or selling it.
If you are sure deleted all files and important & personal information on your smartphone then you don't need to do a factory data reset. It can make your smartphone get back with default settings which can causes some problem not as expected.
Before selling or giving away your phone, you should delete all the important files you have stored in. Check every apps you have installed, and it's safer to delete those. Maybe you have written some of your passwords or pins of your accounts to your notes, the best thing you can do is delete all those, and check also the recently deleted notes.
What will happen if you delete all the important files on your smartphone without backups? I should move them to a cloud storage or on a flash disk so you can get them back when needed.

The easiest way is using Google drive to store your files and it is free if you have a Google account.
I know that a lot of us with iphones used it at the maximum level possible. A lot files, pictures, and personal apps might be there that needs back up before deleting it in order for you to sell or give it away. Disabling your social media and internet banking apps is important to avoid misuse of your personal accounts. You are right when you mentioned to update it before getting rid of it.
Truly, never forget to remove your Apple ID form your device. Make sure that you do. Something I learned the hard. I gave my partner my old Iphone. Everyday became a world war. It was to late for me to realize with Apple ID its like cloning your device.
Remember! Make sure you remove Apple ID and back before restore. :)
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