How to set language for iPhone

You want to switch the language on your iPhone for ease of use can refer to this article to proceed to install the iPhone language. In this article I will guide how to switch from English to Germany. Other languages you can do the same way.

To set the language for your iPhone do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings on iPhone.

How to set language for iPhone.png

Step 2: General.

How to set language for iPhone 1.png

Step 3: Language & Region

How to set language for iPhone 2.png

Step 4: iPhone language

How to set language for iPhone 3.png

Step 5: Choose Germany. Select Change to Germany. Then your smartphone will proceed to switch the language. I have introduced to you how to install language for iPhone then.
Good luck!
Very helpful with persons with kids. I know most of you know what I mean. The time where in your baby eats and treats your Iphone like a titter when your not looking. Next thing you know your phone is with different letters and with foreign languages.
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What a great job you did with this post. Step by step, everything is clear and understood, good quality pictures. My brother had a problem, accidentally switched language to Somali :D There was absolutely no way he could find a way back. Thanks so much, friend.
Excellent work, very nice post. I found this most useful because everything was illustrated and was very clear to understand. I like how there were no questions about how to do any of these steps, because it was written and shown precisely, which is necessary to your reader. Looking forward to more posts like this!
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